‘Speedy and Powerful’ Update Comes to Firefox for Android Tablets

By Editorial Staff

Mozilla Firefox has released a new update to the Google Play Store. This update is for Android tablets and integrates the features found on Android phones into Android tablets. The new update, Mozilla describes as “Speedy and Powerful” the update brings us faster browsing both in the speed of pages being loaded as well as zooming and panning. Firefox’s ‘Awesome Screen’ keeps everything you need right at your finger tips, everything from bookmarks, browsing history and passwords. Another new feature brought to us by this update is Adobe Flash Player compatibility for Honeycomb tablets.

A complete list of the new features that go along with this update can be found in the Google Play Store and include faster start-up for tablets and a new design, new security, and privacy options, such as Do Not Track, enhancements to tabs including the ability o swipe to close them, the ability to find specific text using “Find in Page” and the option to request desktop versions of sites.  In addition bookmarks along with history can be imported from stock Android browsers, the download manager contains new features such as pause, resume, cancel, or retry downloads and certain personal data can be removed from the browser. Mozilla also introduces BrowserQuest, a new HTML5 multi-player role playing game that can be played across desktop, tablet, and mobile Firefox browser.

The video below shows the Firefox browser on an Android phone, since the update integrates the features on the phone into the tablet the video shows the same features.

source: Mozilla, FirefoxforAndroid via MobileBurn

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