Walmart Says Good-Bye To Amazon Products

By lommadmin

Amazon seems to be too much for big retail stores like Walmart and Target, as Walmart has decided to pull the plug on carrying Amazon’s Kindles and eReaders. Target has already started phasing out Amazon’s products a couple of months ago.

Here’s what Walmart managers received in a memo:

“We have recently made the business decision to not carry Amazon tablets and eReaders beyond our existing inventory and purchase commitments,””Walmart said in a memo sent to store managers on Wednesday. “This includes all Amazon Kindle models current and recently announced.”

Reuters was able to talk to a Walmart spokeswoman and she confirmed the memo and said, “The company would continue to sell “a broad assortment” of other tablets, eReaderss and accessories.”

While this removes the Amazon lineup from big retailers it will be interesting to see what, if any impact this will have on the undisputed champion of online retail.


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