Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Features

By lommadmin

Today Microsoft has officially launched their Windows Phone 8 OS and a list of new/enhanced features it has to offer. Joe Belfiore, Program Manager took the stage to detail the features.

With Windows Phone 8, there is a “new lock screen” which will refresh content, notifications and other tiles depending on which mobile apps are being used, such as Facebook. You can also change it into a photo slideshow; display sports scores, weather and more. It is a completely customizable experience.

Skype is now completely integrated into the OS, resulting in an always-on solution. You are able to receive calls or messages at anytime and it does it without running code in the background improving battery life.

If you love Pandora you are going to love the deal they have for you with Microsoft. Pandora users get the service ad free for the first year.

Another major addition is the Data Sense technology. Not only does Windows Phone 8 compress data to conserve expensive cellular data it also keeps track of usage in real time and alerts you to potential problems and apps chewing through your plan. Verizon users will be the first to get their hands on Data Sense feature.

The addition of Kid’s Corner, in directly allows for a makeshift multiuser environment. It allows you to set a restrictive environment to allow a friend or child limited access to your device. You can choose what apps or features the user can access.

The People Hub gets better as it has a new feature called Rooms. If you are a GroupMe user you maybe experiencing a little deja vu. Skype purchased GroupMe and Microsoft purchased Skype. With the list of technology buyouts Microsoft has deployed their own private chat area for family, friends and coworkers.

Microsoft has released a 19 minute video highlighting Windows Phone 8. If you have any interest in the OS we suggest you check it out below.



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