AT&T Locker Available For Android And iOS Users

By lommadmin

Pictures are “Frozen memories in time” some would say, but there isn’t always enough space on your smartphone to hold all those capturing moments. AT&T understands this and has provided their customers with AT&T Locker, a free and easy-to-use picture and video sharing service for both Android and iOS users.

With AT&T Locker, customers can get 5 GB of storage for free, which is enough for up to 5,000 average sized photos.

“Customers use smartphones to capture special moments in their lives. That’s why we designed AT&T Locker to help you store those memories,” said Mark Collins, senior vice president, Data and Voice Products, AT&T Mobility. “With Easy Upload, every photo and video is uploaded directly to AT&T’s cloud, which can be accessed safely and securely anytime from a customer’s smartphone or the Web.”

AT&T Locker allows users to upload their pictures or videos to a secure online storage and easily share them to their Facebook or Twitter. Your even able to customize albums online from a web browser.

If you love taking photos and 5 GB might not be enough space for you, AT&T has different tiers of storage available at very reasonable costs. For $3.99 a month you get 30 GB of storage and for $10 a month you get 100 GB.