BlackBerry Now Allows For Free WiFi Calling Via BBM

By lommadmin

This seems to be a week for BlackBerry news. First we get word that BlackBerry 10 will officially be launched on January 30th, 2013, and today we find out that BBM Voice has launched on BBM 7. For those of you using BlackBerry 6 OS or higher, head on over to the Beta Zone and sign up for the BBM 7 beta.

BBM Voice allows BBM users to call other BBM users via WiFi for free voice calling. This is a fantastic option for making international calls. Honestly, this kind of feature actually makes me want to pick up a BlackBerry again and check it out. RIM made a good move here and gave current customers a cool feature to try and keep them hooked until the BlackBerry 10 launch. I just wonder if the carriers will somehow try and find a way to charge for this.

For the full details on BBM Voice, check out the RIM Press Release.

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