Apple Looking To Add Color To The Next Generation iPhone

By lommadmin

Apple Color

Apple may be looking to change their traditional ways with the iPhone by adding a little color to the line-up and different screen sizes to the next generation iPhone according to analysts. The new generation is predicted to make its way to consumers toward the middle of 2013.

Topeka Capital Market analyst Brian White stated:

“Our check indicate that the next iPhone will have more choices for customers. This entails an expansion in both the color patterns and screen sizes with the next iPhone (i.e., likey called iPhone 5S) that we currently believe will be launched in May/ June with certain supply production starting in March/April.”

When the iPhone first launched in June of 2007 the smartphone came with a 3.5-inch display and just recently when the iPhone 5 launched in September Apple upped the display size to 4 inches.

As with anything Apple, we won’t know until Tim Cook takes the stage. Apple has taken a hard hit to their stock price and consumers are looking for innovation and choices. The next device and iOS version is going to have to deliver a quality product that Android hasn’t already had for a year.




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