AT&T Offers Windows 8 Special

By Editorial Staff



If you are in the market for a new phone or a new network AT&T has a special offer if you are interested in the Windows 8 line of devices. AT&T’s deal is simple, buy one Windows 8 phone such as the HTC Windows Phone 8X, or the Nokia Lumina 920 and get 100 dollars off a second device. This is the same deal they recently ran for Samsung devices.

Now as with all deals like this there are a few stipulations; first to receive the deal you must sign a two-year contract for both the devices, second the two devices must be the same exact model, and finally when you receive the 100 dollars off it will be taken off of the lower priced phone and if the phone is less than 100 dollars its free. You do not have to decide to buy both devices on the same day, you can buy one and return to buy the other anytime between now and February 21st.AT&T is also keeping true to their 14 day buyers remorse period, so should you dislike the phone simply take it back within 14 days of purchase and exchange it for another Windows 8 phone.

If you are activating a new AT&T account or just upgrading your existing AT&T account you can take advantage of this offer. The offer continues through January 21st.


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