RIM Could Sell Hardware Division After BlackBerry 10 Launch

By lommadmin


Thorsten Heins, CEO of Research In Motion, in an interview with German paper Die Welt admitted that the company is still considering selling their hardware division after the launch of their new BlackBerry OS (BlackBerry 10).

If RIM were to sell off their hardware division they would focus on the OS and enterprise software as well as maintaining the BlackBerry infrastructure that powers push email and BlackBerry Messenger. This isn’t such a bad idea. RIM spends a fortune developing smartphones in what seems to be 200 varieties with only slight differences for carriers around the world. They could then focus on creating a great OS while relying on hardware designed by other companies.

You can find the actual interview via this link, the site is in German. Mr. Heins states that they are looking at several option one of which is selling the hardware division. Also he states that they are not going to rush to a decision and see what happens with the BlackBerry 10 launch before committing to a decision.

RIM also has the option to license their BlackBerry OS to hardware manufactures. That option could get really interesting for companies like Samsung. Imagine a Samsung Galaxy S 4 running BlackBerry 10 or even a re-birth once again of Nokia. BlackBerry is not dead; they still have some fight left. Lets hope all the delays getting BlackBerry 10 out the door are worth it. We will know in just over a week.