Glide The Video Walkie Talkie For iPhone

By lommadmin

Glide Image

What do you get when you take the idea of a push to talk, video chat and an iPhone? You get Glide, the world’s first video walkie talkie type of service that allows you to keep in touch through short video messages.

Glide Beta 2

Glide allows you to broadcast up to 42 seconds and if your family or friends are on-line, they can watch you broadcast in real time and respond quickly. If they aren’t able to watch the video right away they are able to go back through the chat history and watch the video.

Glide messages are saved to Glide’s cloud, which is perfect because you don’t have to worry about space being taken up on your phone or iCloud. You’re even able to create group chats or add friends and family to an existing chat.

Glide Friends

You can take a look at the video below for more information on Glide. If you want to check out the app go to to sign up for the beta.