Qualcomm Set To Address LTE Fragmentation

By lommadmin


In the wireless industry, when you hear fragmentation the first thought is usually Android. In reality fragmentation exists in just about every form. Take for example LTE. LTE is marketed to us all as a high speed form of data communication and one day will also carry our voice calls.

LTE technology is very fragmented. What we mean by this is that world-wide there are 40 different frequencies used to transmit data over LTE. Anyone familiar with the latest Nexus 4 device knows it is missing LTE and this fragmentation is one of the reasons. We are a global society these days and a device needs to work world-wide in addition to being able to be sold around the globe. A close look at Apple’s iPhone 5 demonstrates this issue. There are three version of the iPhone5 to support the various LTE bands. To keep costs low Apple would like to just produce one device that works across the board with carriers world wide. This was the case with the iPhone 4S.

Qualcomm is set to bring LTE euphoria to device manufactures by releasing a chipset that supports all 40 bands. This will allow less expense for over all production. Instead of a manufacturer having to create 7 models for various carriers they can create one and just set the device to the proper frequencies. These chips will be available to manufactures in the second half of 2013.

For more information on the chipset you can visit Qualcomm via this link.



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