Amazon Cloud Player Version 2.0 Optimized For iPad

By lommadmin


Amazon has updated their Amazon Cloud Player to version 2.0 for iOS users. The new version has been redesigned to be compatible with Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini. The update also brings a new interface for users and adds a new setting that allows you to configure the size of the cache that is used for storing your music locally.

If you’re not familiar with Amazon Cloud Player, users are able to upload their music to a cloud service and stream it directly to their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Cloud Player even scans your music library, searches for matches in the Amazon library and upgrades your files to a high quality copies much like Apple’s iTunes Match.

The free version of Amazon Cloud Player allows users can import up to 250 songs for free. Music purchased from Amazon does not count in the 250 song limit. If your library is bigger than that you’ll need to purchase a premium account, which is $25 a year and allows your library to contain up to 250,000 songs.