Verizon Purging Employer Discount Abusers

By Tyler Mortensen


Those customers on Verizon Wireless who have been sucking discounts from their former employee discount on their personal account will soon be contacted by Verizon to verify employment. Verizon is cracking down on customers that don’t qualify for Verizon’s discount. Verizon is so serious about the issue that their employees are going to start training on this audit starting March 18th.

Verizon offers certain employers discounts of up to 25% off on its mobile phone service and up to 25% off of accessories.

Starting the first of April, customers who receive an employee discount will be contacted by Verizon via email, SMS message or good old fashion letter asking them to prove their employment with the company that is listed on their account. If you have changed jobs and your new employer qualifies for a Verizon discount you can update your account.

Upon being contacted, you will have 60 days to verify the information on your account before Verizon automatically takes away your discount. You will have three ways to verify your employment. You can head to Verizon’s renewal website and confirm via your business email address, call Verizon customer service and speak to a rep to verify your information or you can send an email with proof to Verizon.

Let us know if you get a verification request.