Under My Tree; Please, a Palm Pre

By Editorial Staff


With the Holiday Season upon us, buyers are scouring the internet in search of the “it” item of the year. From Beanie Babies to Furbies, each year retailers take a gamble on what they should stockpile at their stores. This year, I’ve got the “sure thing”: the ability to listen to music, scour the internet for the coolest mustache styles, while texting your great-grandmother at the same time. Eat that, Apple.

Re-introducing- the Palm Pre.

Since its first demo at the 2009 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Palm’s newest and greatest phone made a splash in the cellular phone world, finally, a reasonable competitor to Apple’s Iphone. From the sleek and glossy exterior to the complete slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the Palm Pre surely has what it takes to become king of the cellular world for the next year or so.

With the introduction of the webOS system with a complete up-to-date “sync” system that will compact all of your calendars, contacts and E-mails from both your work and personal life, it also has some of the most technologically advanced hardware to fit in the “Palm” of your hand. With the very “user-friendly” ability to switch between up to six different applications (cards), users can switch between their memo board, excel spreadsheet, calculator, word document or even their photo albums, while still being able to fold their cards in an online version of Texas Holdem’. Long gone are the days of awkward pauses while frantically looking for a pen to scribble down information.

Now, it would be foolish for me to completely praise the Palm Pre for its greatness and not point out some of the smaller, minute details that have infuriated some of its owners; such as the inability to change the text message tone! While the Pre has made leaps and bounds in improvements and updates from its initial release in June, most consumers these days are aware of the initial “buggy” phase of first generation of these newer hot-to-trot phones. Since its release, Palm has corrected the battery-draining Wi-Fi problem, given the ability to forward text messages (a big complaint), and some of the errors with the stunning 3.2 megapixel camera (with LED flash).

While you are probably reading this article online, waiting patiently for your directions to the nearest Starbucks to print out, you could be utilizing the Pre’s built-in FREE female voice-narrated GPS system to give you turn-by-turn directions, or even the Google Maps feature in your car.

Point is:

Whether you are a businessman in search of a phone that supports and syncs with the ACT! Software, a hipster in search of the newest “trendy” phone, or a parent looking for the PREmium gift for their child this season, you can’t go wrong with the latest and greatest phone out; Palm’s Pre.

The Palm Pre in the U.S. is available through Sprint.

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