Navigation App Scout Releasing Major Map & Traffic Update

By lommadmin

Traffic Report

TeleNav has announced that company will bring some major updates to their free version of Scout. These updates will provide 3D representations of buildings and improvements to its traffic content and user interface. These updates will push out over the remainder of the year.

With 3D integration being added to Scout maps users will be able to see buildings and landmarks in 3D throughout their route allowing them to have more realistic feel of the landscape along your drive.

“Our primary goal in adding 3D integration into Scout for Phones is to help drivers navigate unfamiliar areas, ” said Ryan Peterson, director of production management, traffic and navigation at TeleNav. “With that goal in mind, we are focusing on ease of use, realistic but subtle graphics, and intuitive views. It’s about providing drivers with additional content on the road so they can so they can better navigate their surroundings with just a quick glance.”

Part of the major traffic update allows users to report an accident they run across. You’ll even be able to report road hazards, traffic jams and police presence with just a simple tap on your smartphones screen.

Accident Reported

Other improvements include:

  • Expanded overall traffic coverage by five times – through the addition of traffic and congestion information for arterial roadways
  • Improvements in updating drivers on upcoming traffic and alternate routes
  • Update mid-route – Allowing drivers to see traffic flow information for longer portions of their trip.


“With more than 50 percent of American workers spending at least 20 minutes getting to work each day, traffic is a daily grind for a lot of people,” said Peterson. “We are constantly looking for ways to improve our traffic data and how it’s shared in the app. We hope to help alleviate some of the stress daily traffic for our customers by implementing these updates this year.”