iOS 7 Set To Crackdown On Unauthorized Lightning Cables?

By lommadmin


Apple has added a warning when you plug an unauthorized charge / sync Lightning cable into your iPhone 5. The popup message states “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.”

There has been talk that Apple may flip the switch in an iOS upgrade and stop allowing unauthorized Lightning connectors from connecting to devices. This would instantly kill the 3rd party gray market on lightning connectors and greatly help companies like Mophie who follow all the rules and pay licensing fees to Apple for the “Made For I” program. I will admit, I have a knock-off Mophie I obtained prior to their product being available.

The problem is Apple messed up at the launch of the iPhone 5. If they only wanted their connectors used they should have had that in place with manufacturers on launch day. They waited almost 60 days after the iPhone 5 launched to even meet with partners wanting to develop accessories with Lightning connectors. Doing so created a huge demand for knockoff / unauthorized products that are probably more prevalent than actual Made For I products.

I really don’t think Apple will enforce the Lightning connector issue by banning them as Apple is the source of the problem in the first place. It appears you will just have to dismiss a warning each time you plug your phone into a device you didm’t pay Apple Tax on.

Thank to Dacy for sending this in.