Quick Review: Energi Sliding Power Case for iPhone 5/5s

By Aaron Bellows

iPhone’s today are essentially mini computers, and that kind of information and potential at our fingertips everyday has a price. The price on a iPhone is not only data, but more importantly power. Battery power to be more specific. Every device comes with a predetermined amount of power in the battery. That juice has to last to get the user through their day. A day of making phone calls, sending a receiving texts and emails, surfing the web, creating documents, listening to music, watching videos, etc, etc, etc. We use our phones now more than ever, and that use is causing our batteries to drain quick.

The TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case is a great solution to the power problem many of us are facing with our iPhone. Unlike other battery case solutions on the market, the Energi Sliding Power Case comes with two separate pieces that essentially allow the user to have two different case options. One simple lightweight case, and another case that includes a portable battery pack.

TYLY Energi Sliding Power CaseThe Energi Sliding Power Case has a 2500 mAh battery which claims to give you an extra 9 hours talk time on your iPhone. For comparison, the Mophie Juice Pack Plus comes with a 2100 mAh battery, and is the largest battery case Mophie offers. The price for the Energi Sliding Power Case is just $99.99 as opposed to the $119.95 for the Mophie Juice Pack Plus.

The part I like the best about this case is the ability to remove the battery pack when it isn’t needed, and just use the slim line case. Each case comes with two different slim line cases; mine has a blue one and a black one. I find this feature to be extremely useful when I’m at the gym and don’t need to carry the slightly more bulky battery case with me.

Overall, I find this battery case to be fantastic. My only complaint is that I find myself accidentally turning on the battery occasionally by bumping the power switch on the back of the case. It seems that it is a little sensitive at times. If you are looking for a high power portable battery case for your iPhone 5/5s, I’d suggest you give the TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case a try. It will be worth it.

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