Sprint and Best Buy partner up to give students a free year of talk, text, and data

By Brent Dupre

Sprint and Best Buy
Between now and January 4th students can go to their local Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile store and get a year of free talk, text, and 1 GB of data. All that is required is that students purchase a new Smart phone or regular phone and activate a new line of service with a Sprint Unlimited My Way plan. Customers will have to pay for the phone and a one-time $36 activation fee. Monthly taxes and surcharges still apply as well. This promotion offers a savings of up to $70 a month, is available only at Best Buy, and only on the Sprint Network.

As mentioned before the plan includes unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of data for smart phones or unlimited talk and text for basic phones. Sprint also does not require a 2 year agreement on Students’ lines. If you think that 1 GB of data is not enough for you unlimited data can be added easily for only $10 a month. Students can also trade in their existing mobile phone for a phone on the new plan.

So how does it work? Go to Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile and check out their student pricing and plan information. Once you buy your phone and pay your activation fee, taxes, and surcharges you must go to Sprint’s student verification website, www.sprint.com/studentverify , within 14 days and prove your student status. So who does Sprint consider a student?

1. Full time, part time, or vocational students

2. Students must be enrolled in US-based elementary school, middle school, high school, college, university, or other accredited institute

3. Additionally, students under 13 must get parental consent

You can prove your student status to sprint with the following:

1. A valid report card from your current school year

2. Your student ID

3. Your enrollment confirmation or tuition receipt from your current school year

4. If you home schooled you can submit required state documents

Once you are verified your account will be credited for the year of service to include the unlimited talk, text, and 1 GB per month of data for smartphones. Sprint will also award another 12 months of free service when customers activate and additional line to the same account under Sprint Unlimited, My Way, or My All-in plans. The additional line does require a 2 year commitment and must be activated during the promotional offer period.

For more information visit www.bestbuy.com/sprintstudentoffer