Nomad To The Rescue With Charging Accessories

By Brent Dupre

NomadKeyLets face it, we are consumed with powering our devices. Mobile accessory markets are being flooded with portable batteries, power supplies, and phone cases with built in battery life extenders. Each new generation of devices seems to run down batteries faster to power the latest processors, higher definition screens, speakers and more. When is the last time you remember making through and entire day without needing to charge your phone at least once? If you’re on the go like I am, you may forget to grab that power cord, or may not want to deal with that tangly mess.

That’s where Nomad stepped in. Their solution for your power and syncing needs is simple, efficient, and built to fit your life. Their product offerings come in two forms, the NomadKey and the NomadClip. Both are available in lightning cable or micro USB, and they will charge and sync your device.

The NomadKey is the size of your house key and fits on your key chain. It is flexible so that it can bend and twist, getting to those sometimes awkward angles of USB ports. The NomadClip is the size of a standard carabiner. Both devices are smaller and easily carried during normal day-to-day activities.


Another exciting announcement from Nomad is the addition of the NomadPlus to their lineup. This is a USB wallcharger that also has a built-in 1500mAh battery. This could get you up to an additional 70% charge to your iPhone when you’re on the go.

NomadPlusThe NomadKey retails for $29, and the NomadClip and NomadPlus retail for $39. Both can be purchased from Nomad’s website

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