Review: BACtrack Mobile

By David Boyd

BACtrack MobileIn this day and age, almost everyone is looking for a gadget that can tie into their smartphone that will make their life easier in some way. The folks at BACtrack have come up with a small portable Bluetooth breathalyzer that will accurately measure how much alcohol you have in your system. This may help you make an educated decision about when you have had too much to drink.

I have been using a BACtrack Mobile for the past several months, and I must say that I am impressed with the speed and apparent accuracy of the readings. The device is small and can be taken anywhere with you. It easily fits in a pocket or small purse. Anytime you want to check on your alcohol level, you just turn it on, launch the Apple or Android app on your phone, and provide a breath sample when directed. It will take a few seconds, and then provide you with a BAC (Breath Alcohol Content) reading along with some context about what your current BAC level may be experiencing.

This is a tricky subject in my opinion.Each person handles alcohol differently, and in every state the presumed level of intoxication is 0.08. Just because you blow under a 0.08 does not mean you are safe to operate a motor vehicle. The purpose of the BACtrack Mobile is to educate you on your drinking habits and show you how quickly the alcohol gets into your system, and how quickly it leaves your system.

The BACtrack App has another feature embedded in it that allows you to share your results via social media, and even map your location when you took a reading. I did not use this feature at all, as I do not believe it is a good idea.

The price of the BACtrack Mobile is $129.99 and it can be purchased online at the BACtrack website.

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