AT&T Starting Data Rollover, But Puts in 1/12th The Effort

By Troy Brown


With what has become standard operating procedures, AT&T has sort of followed T-Mobile’s lead in the United States by announcing a data rollover scheme. But unlike T-Mobile, AT&T is putting in 1/12th the effort.

Starting January 25th AT&T will automatically be rolling over unused data for it’s 50 million customers on Mobile Share plans. The catch is it only rolls over for 30 days. So if you have 2GBs of data left over it will sit on your account for just 30 days to be used then expire. This is in contrast to T-Mobile who lets you rollover data for 12 rolling months.


T-Mobile’s CEO John Legre took to Twitter with his thoughts on AT&T’s latest move.


The “un-carrier” wars are really getting heated and we are far from seeing things calm down, especially with John Legere at the helm on T-Mobile.


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