chargesafe Public Device Charger

By Troy Brown

We have all been there, out for a evening and our number one social interaction device dies, our cellphone. Your attempts to get that perfect selfie have been placed on hold and you are forced to actually speak with people face to face. We have had a few options like asking the bartender if they have a charger and having them place your device behind the bar. (This does require better tipping). There have been many variations of paid charging devices sitting in a dark corner that look like anyone could just walk away with your device, which is a main reason I have never used one and usually carry a backup battery.

Welcome chargesafe to the mix. They have a great looking, secure charging station, with some great features.


Each charging bay features 4 connectors. (microUSB, Apple 30 Pin, Apple Lightning 8 Pin and miniUSB). The connectors offer up to 2.4 AMPS meaning your device will charge at the fastest possible rate allowed by the manufacturer. To open the bay door to your device you simply swipe the card you used to rent the charging bay.

To see more about chargesafe check out the video below or follow this link.









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