Palm Losing Ground; Pre For Sprint To Be Discontinued

By lommadmin

Just a little more than a year after its release, it seems as though Sprint is ready to part ways with Palm’s latest flagship phone, the Pre. According to PreCentral, their sources indicate that the device has been placed on Sprint’s list of phones that are at their end of life, or “EOL”.

Could this be because Sprint has plans to negotiate with Palm and bring the Pre2 to its shelves? It’s doubtful, but for those interested you can likely find an unlocked around the web for around $450. It’s tough to stay afloat in the smartphone battle. We’ve said it before in many countless articles; the focus is shifting heavily to mobile broadband. Consumers want the speed and convenience. My guess is that with the great marketing of the HTC EVO 4G, Sprint is just kind of running with its huge success. Combine that with the more recent 4G option in Samsung’s Galaxy S line, the Epic, and it’s going to be quite difficult to choose a handset without the 4G capabilities.

CES is right around the corner and CTIA follows shortly after so it will be interesting to see how the 2011 unfolds for Palm along with other manufacturers.

[Photo via PreCentral]