Smartphone Operating System Battle Ends In Tie

By Paul Barraza

With so many smartphones in the market today, it has been hard to say who the top seller (by OS) is. RIM (Research In Motion) has been been in the smartphone market the longest when looking at the OS battle with their BlackBerry series of devices. They made a huge impact with their full QWERTY keyboards we have all come to love.

As the smartphone user base expands we are continually seeing new devices. Apple introduced an amazing no keyboard touchscreen loved by millions, the iPhone. Google in partnership with T-Mobile launched the first Android based smartphone the T-Mobile G1 in 2008.  Carriers quickly embraced the Android idea and smartphones developed around the Android OS are being developed and marketed like crazy. 

The battle for number one has been between the three big names in the smartphone arena Apple’s iOS, RIM’s BlackBerry OS, and Google’s Android OS.  In October the Neilson Company crunched the numbers and it was no surprise Apple found itself on top, but not with a huge lead. BlackBerry maker RIM found themselves in a tie with Apple with a 27% market share in the United States. Rapidly approaching from the rear and not far behind is the Android OS with 22% of market share.

The below chart show the numbers:

With numbers so close, it makes me wonder who will be titled champ next year for the most in OS sales. I will bet it will be the Android OS. Fan boys of each of the major three operating systems can always find a statistic to come out on top. A perfect example of this is Apple stating revenue and not devices sold but at the end of the day the OS with the most penetration into the market wins. More smartphones based on your OS mean more developers, more apps and more interest from the carriers.