Powermat To Provide Wireless Charging In Your Daily Life

By Troy Brown

Powermat, the leader in wireless power technology, is paving the way for the future of wireless charging to impact a surface near you. From the announcement of a groundbreaking deal with General Motors (GM) to wirelessly enable vehicles, to airports, offices, and even more of today’s most popular smartphones, Powermat is going where no wireless technology has gone before: into new venues designed to enhance the way consumers experience wireless energy in their everyday environments.


In partnership earlier today, General Motors and Powermat announced a commercial agreement to eliminate the need for charging cords in future GM products. The integration of wireless charging into the automobile will be implemented into the entire GM portfolio with The Chevrolet Volt, winner of all of the Car of the Year awards to date, being among the first to debut wireless capability. The announcement represents an unprecedented step forward for the wireless industry, expected to grow to over $11 Billion by 2020 (Pike Research), as it will open new market potential and options.

“The integration of wireless power into the automobile is a necessary convenience that will eventually be a standard addition to every vehicle,” said Ran Poliakine, Powermat CEO. “It brings us that much closer to fulfilling our vision of a world without wires.”

Further expanding the options available to consumers to experience the freedom and convenience of wireless power in all areas of the home, Powermat and Haier are partnering to embed wireless technology into white goods and digital products. Refrigerators, coffee makers and blenders will all become wirelessly enabled.

Seeking to provide maximum flexibility and convenience for consumers in all settings where wireless energy delivery will significantly impact consumer’s lives Powermat is also expanding into office settings.  In partnership with Teknion, a leading international designer, manufacturer and marketer of mid- to high-end office systems and related furniture products, Powermat is creating a line of wirelessly-enabled office furniture and accessories.  The Powermat/Teknion line features an array of solutions for “smart” surfaces designed to operate as wireless energy hubs where users can drop and charge their favorite electronic devices.

“We have fundamentally changed the way in which people charge and power mobile electrical devices. By eliminating cords and power supplies from homes, offices, and automobiles we are creating new unprecedentedly convenient, safe and green user experiences,” said Mr. Poliakine.

The airline industry too will benefit from Powermat’s technology, as Powermat will unveil a solution specifically catering to the airline traveler at this year’s show.  Earlier today Powermat announced a venture with Arconas, a Canadian-based manufacturer of airport seating to incorporate Powermat technology into airport settings.

Adding to Powermat’s ability to integrate into new environments and set standards for multiple applications is the company’s technology leadership and its demonstrated capacity to miniaturize its wireless technology. For example, since launching its first generation of wireless chargers, Powermat has successfully been able reduce the bulk of its receiver electronics package by more than 50% with a further reduction to over 70% planned in 2011.  The company will also showcase its ultra-thin, super high efficiency laptop electronics package, which is ready for integration.  Other technology advancements on display include zero standby power draw another intelligent and green feature in Powermat’s advanced power management system.

Throughout the coming year, Powermat will also continue to develop dedicated receivers for even more of today’s most popular smartphones, roll out a wirelessly-enabled car charger solution, expand the company’s portable power line, and introduce new options in color and design.

Powermat was the first company to perfect inductive-based wireless charging and to bring it to consumers in a widely available, meaningful way via mainstream retail channels.  The undisputed leader in wireless charging, Powermat leads the category in all facets including technology, retail footprint, consumer experience, and brand. Powermat allows users to enable their electronic devices once with a Powermat receiver and then set down up to three devices on the charging mat for fast, safe and effective wireless charging. It’s simple, effortless, and provides consumers with first-of-its-kind freedom from the need to constantly plug/unplug as well as the angst of running on empty.

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