Cricket Launches Music Centric Feature Phone

By Paul Barraza

Music is an important part of life and generations’ have changed and we keep trying to find the easiest way to download music and enjoy it. You have applications that allow you to download music and sync to your device whether it’s an MP3 player, iPod Touch or your smartphone. Downloading music can become pricy if you are a music lover.

We normally don’t report on feature phones but we feel this device has created a nice filler between dumb phone and smartphone. It has a huge market of people who want to be socially acceptable, make phone calls, web browser and enjoy a large library of music.

Cricket is a company known for having unlimited wireless voice and text at a very reasonable price. Cricket has taken their current offerings and made things better with taking the music we love and integrating it with a phone the Samsung Suede to give us all the music we want at our finger tips. Calling the music integration “Muve Music” not to be mistake for an application, it is a fully integrated dedicated program on the Suede with having a Move Music button located with your home keys.

Move Music is just like Rhapsody or your App Store with being able to search for artist, the song or even the album. Once you download the music it automatically organizes in your “My Music” home making it easier for you to find and listen to. From you’re my music you’re able to create playlists, make and customize ring tones and much more.

I know all this might sound too good to be true, but Cricket not only made this phone possible for us they threw in a great One Plan. When your purchase the One Touch they offer you unlimited wireless data plan with UNLIMITED MUSIC DOWNLOADS, that’s right unlimited music downloads on millions of songs from top artists with the first complete music experience created for a phone.

The One Plan is $55 a month true rate, listed below is everything that comes with the One Plan:

Unlimited nationwide calling

Unlimited nationwide text, picture & video messaging

Unlimited global text messaging

Unlimited 3G mobile Web

Unlimited email

Unlimited data back up

Unlimited video

And for the first time anywhere in the U.S.

Unlimited full track downloads

Unlimited ringtones

Unlimited ringback tones

The Suede is a regular smartphone with access to your social media, emails and applications. Cricket has given you the best of both worlds with music and a smartphone. For more information about the Samsung Suede follow this link.