RIM Drafts A New Player; BlackBerry Dakota

By Paul Barraza

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has a new device warming up in the bullpen. This new BlackBerry is said to be named BlackBerry Dakota, I know what you’re thinking not your normal name for a BlackBerry right? The specs of Dakota will let you know that it’s a true BlackBerry with even more to offer.

BlackBerry Dakota specs:

–          2.8 touch screen

–          Bold-style QWERTY keyboard

–          Quad band GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE device with tri-band UMTS

–          5 megapixel camera with HD video recording

–          4 GB of storage

–          768 MB of RAM

–          Wi-Fi and 3G hotspot-enabled

–          Running BlackBerry OS 6.1

That only leaves us with the pricing and launch date so you can sign up for one right? Well at the moment there isn’t a set date or pricing, but with these specs alone I’m sold and might consider changing back over to a BlackBerry.


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