BlackBerry QNX Based Devices Could Run Android Apps

By Paul Barraza

RIM (Research In Motion) could possibly open their platform and allow Android apps to run on their BlackBerry PlayBook and other QNX-based devices. Last April, when RIM acquired QNX Software Systems we weren’t too sure why they reach out to this company. About 5 months later they answered why as they introduced us to the BlackBerry PlayBook which is running QNX OS and not the BlackBerry OS we’re use to.

Java is one of RIM’s concerns as they’re trying to work it into the upcoming tablets and smartphones running QNX. It’s been said that RIM is looking to invest in a Java virtual machine to run on the BlackBerry PlayBook. One of the ways RIM is looking into fixing this Java problem is by taking Dalvik virtual machine into consideration which is the same VM that Android OS uses. With this being said, it would allow for the BlackBerry PlayBook and other QNX devices to run any application built for the Android platform.

 Android applications can end up on QNX devices two ways. The first and best all around is for RIM to get their devices certified by Google which would allow the true Android market to be available on the new BlackBerry devices running QNX. The second and less favorable solution is to skip certification and simply ship with the virtual machine. Users would have to go out of their way to install Android apps and not have Market access.   

This could be a win-win situation for both RIM and Android. Should be interesting how all this plays out and I can’t wait to see how RIM approaches all of this.


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