Android OS On 43% Of Smartphones Sold

By Troy Brown

Android is still growing at a fast rate. Nielsen Research has released the latest numbers and in the past 15 months devices sold with the Android OS has risen to 43%.

 Apple has held fairly steady at 26% and BlackBerry has taken a bad hit down to 20%. This is not very shocking. It seems new Android based devices are being released daily and are very affordable. If Android growth continues at its current rate Android could easily surpass 50% by mid 2011.


2 comments on “Android OS On 43% Of Smartphones Sold

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  2. Chris says:

    This chart is a little one sided, as it only express the last months of sales and not the total Market share, which is also posted on Nelson. Of course android sales are up now that every major tech player is using it. Plus Nelson failed to address the fact that iOS is on more than just a smartphone (iPods and iPads) and that androids and backberrys will be expanding into theses markets soon enough. If one were to factor in the iPod and iPad Apple would still be way ahead of the pack, not to mention if they did the total yearly gross sales( in which android only sold 5200 units the first quarter).

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