4G – Who Actually Delivers?

By Paul Barraza

Three of the four major carriers in the U.S. have launched 4G. Out of those three T-Mobile has been stressing the fact that they have the world’s fastest 4G network in their recent commercials and press releases. There is no better way to prove the speeds then putting the networks against each other in a real world, non theoretical test.

Wilson Rothman of MSNBC did just that. Since Verizon hasn’t launched a 4G smartphone yet, they couldn’t be included. That leaves T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint. Smartphones involved in the test were Samsung’s Galaxy S 4G and myTouch 4G from T-Mobile. The Apple iPhone 4 (just for fun) and HTC Inspire from AT&T. For Sprint the HTC EVO was chosen.

The tests were a measurement of megabits per second. The end result of the tests proved that T-Mobile’s Galaxy S 4G shined. As for the other devices and networks it was pretty close between the HTC EVO from Sprint and the HTC Inspire from AT&T, but holding its own against these 4G enabled devices was Apple’s iPhone 4 on AT&T which wasn’t too far behind.

Following is the MSNBC video showing the speed test.

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3 comments on “4G – Who Actually Delivers?

  1. Troy D. Brown says:

    I really dislike that 4G is being used as a marketing term and not a reference to the standards set forth for 4G or any guarantee of minimum speed. T-Mobile is actually NOT a 4G carrier, I have seen them admit it once in a tweet from their @TMobile Twitter account. While T-Mobile has great speeds on their new network I wish they would not use 4G as a sales tool.

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  3. Brian-TeleNav says:

    My question isn’t where “4G” is available, but who can afford it? I’m referring to Verizon’s ultra high 4G costs for tiered data streams.

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