Cydia Alternative In The Works – Jailbreak

By Troy Brown

I love Cydia but I do dislike how slow the app runs and the thousands of theme updates that have to load before you can start searching for what you want. The Infini Dev Team is looking to change the way you download and install your apps on your jailbroken iPhone.

Their method is simple and fast, keep it all web based and in the Safari browser. You simply go to the website that will be hosting “Lima” the new app store and quickly browse, discover and install your new apps. The web based system also includes a quick install of all your apps after doing a firmware upgrade without having to use a third party app to keep track of what apps you have installed and purchased.

The project is still a work in progress but is looking very promising. As more develops we will bring it to you. You can view a quick demo video of how the interface looks now.. Video after the break.