Vodafone Drops Tethering Charges

By Troy Brown

Dear AT&T, Please learn from Vodafone. I know it’s a lot to ask for you to be fair to people who want to use their data for whatever they want but cut us a little slack.

Vodafone has officially stopped charging for tethering as a separate data service. If you have a 2GB plan you can chew up that 2GB anyway you want. You only pay if you go over.

We really hope this catches on because the current system in the U.S. Is a rip-off. AT&T charges an extra $20 a month to add on tethering to a data plan. I will give them a little credit for also now including an additional 2GB with that charge but their are users, like me that can tether and still stay under 2GB a month. I don’t need 4GB or the extra expense.

We applaud Vodafone for this change and maybe after AT&T is done trying to take over T-Mobile they can reevaluate their data pricing structure.

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