iPhone 4S Cases Spotted

By Paul Barraza

One of the biggest subjects lately in the smartphone technology world is Apple’s next iPhone. Whether it’s the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, information on both phones indicate they’re on the way. There hasn’t been a time frame given on when the iPhone 4S will arrive, but some images BGR got their hands on show us that iPhone 4S cases by Otter Box and Speck have arrived in stores.

The case from Speck looks like a case out of their Candy Shell collection, black with some red trimming. In the picture you will notice two cases side-by-side, but with one big difference a much bigger hole on one of the cases. Is the iPhone 4S going to ship with a larger camera sensor or did Speck make the whole bigger for the LED flash?

 The second image is one of Otter Box’s Commuter series cases, but there is printing on the box letting us know this case is for the iPhone 4S.


We have gotten information that the iPhone 5 should be ready for pre-orders come October 7th and possibly launch October 14th or 15th, but cases for the iPhone 4S are already arriving.

What’s Apple up to?  Some of the best free marketing ever.


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  1. Crunch says:

    I can’t BREATHE, I’m so excited!

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