Seal Your Android Apps From Prying Eyes

By lommadmin

Seal is an application on the Android Market created to protect your privacy. With a quick and simple step-by-step setup, you can have your apps protected with a password or pattern in just a few minutes. Seal offers a unique feature of “Situations”, letting you choose which apps to protect and when. This is the perfect way to prevent nosy coworkers from posting embarrassing statuses on your Facebook during your bathroom break or to prevent your children from purchasing games on the Android Market without your permission. Included in Seal are more unique features, including:

-Integrated plugin for Locale, Tasker, and EasyProfiles

-Extended protection for rooted devices

-Auto Protection feature

-Security question/answer

Seal requires Android 2.1 or above and is currently rated 4 Stars. While Seal is in the Android Market you can get it free from GetJar via this link.

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