AT&T Blames FCC For T-Mobile Layoffs

By lommadmin

The FCC rejected the merger between AT&T and T-Mobile and since the failed merger T-Mobile is preparing to shutdown seven call centers that will affect at least 1,900 of their employers.

AT&T wasted no time in blaming the FCC for T-Mobile’s layoffs. As I am sure you know AT&T was very critical of the FCC during the merger talks and even more so after the failed merger attempt. AT&T stated that if the merger would have gone through T-Mobile would not have had to execute these layoffs.

AT&T needs to remember that this is not the 1970’s FCC that never spoke out and quietly rubber-stamped just about any proposal. The FCC wasted no time countering AT&T’s claims that the merger would have saved jobs by disclosing in confidential documents AT&T submitted to them that layoffs would result following the merger.

Another day, another PR stunt backfires for AT&T. Maybe they were trying to divert the avalanche of hate about throttling users data.