T-Mobile To Increase Price Of Data Plans On April 4

By lommadmin

T-Mobile will be increasing the price of their premium 5 GB and Ultra 10 GB Promotional Bundles beginning April 4th by $5 per month. This means the 5 GB plan increases to $35 from $30 and the 10 GB plan increases to $65 from the original $60. Customers who currently have one of the 5 GB or 10 GB promotional bundles will not be affected by this price increase unless they change plans.

T-Mobile is going to continue to offer promotions on both the Unlimited Premium 5GB and Ultra 10GB Bundles features that include Smartphone Mobile Hotspot and MobileLife Album services for the same rate, which is a savings of $20. All in all T-Mobile still has excellent data rates even with this price hike.

Below is text from the leaked T-Mobile document regarding the price increase.

Action Steps for T-Mobile reps:

Be aware of the price change to effectively address customer questions by reviewing the details in this communication.

When customers ask about the price increase:

  • Explain the great value T-Mobile offers compared to other national carriers and with current promotional offers that include Smartphone Mobile Hotspot and MobileLife Album Plus at no additional charge.
  • Explain the additional savings available with data features for Value Plans
  • Right fit customers to the plan that best fits their needs

If available, use the new interactive data calculator available on in-store touch screens to help you and your customers determine the right plan for their needs.

You can follow this link for additional information on T-Mobile increasing their data prices.

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