BlackBerry 10 Alpha Device Photos Leak

By lommadmin


CrackBerry got their hands on some nice photos of a BlackBerry 10 device being used by developers to test their apps on RIM’s next to be released device.

As CrackBerry has stated and we will reiterate this is an alpha device meaning it is not of the build quality or potentially even the design to be released. If you take a close look at the photos you can see a very rough, rubberized material. This could be in place to hide the actual BlackBerry design from prying cameras.

As it stands now this looks like a standard issue 2012 full touch screen device. Lets hope RIM has made huge improvements to the OS and processor to make this device the one that starts a turn around for the company.





[Via CrackBerry]


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  1. It is just a smaller Playbook. It wont be the final device.

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