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Energizer Backup Battery Solution

Looking for a backup battery solution for your mobile device that uses a micro or mini USB connection? Energizer has released a very small backup battery solution that easily fits on your key ring  and provides the power you need when you need it.

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Ventev Offers Portable Backup Power for Your Wireless Devices

In today’s world of superfast smartphones with large bright displays a common issue we run into (or run out of) is battery life. I had the opportunity to meet with representatives from Ventev and they showed me a wonderful portable power solution for people on the go.

They introduced me to the Ventev PowerCELL. This small battery pack gives power user more than enough extra battery life to finish out the day or a very long flight.

At first I wondered if I would ever use the demo device Ventev gave me. I was very shocked to find myself grabbing it all the time.  It was just so convenient and portable. I would look at my battery status before heading out and determine if I was going to need to use the PowerCELL. No more lugging around A/C adapters or having a useless smartphone with a dead battery.

I was very impressed with the charging ability of the PowerCELL. It features a 1700 mAH battery which was able to fully charge my iPhone from 20% while being heavily used.

I was fully impressed with this device over the competition due to its power, very small form factor and flexibility in charging a large array of devices that can charge via USB. Read more

Customize Skins from Skinit


Trying to find the perfect way to customize your iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC EVO or Galaxy S?  Skinit is where you’ll be able to find all types of skins that reflect you.

With Skinit you can find skins anywhere from sports to the characters of Disney. Read more

Speck Skins For iPhone 4


Looking for that perfect skin that fits your personality? Then check out Speck’s line-up of many different styles, like their award-winning Candy Shell skins, famously protective Pixel skins, or their Fitted skins that just feel really good.

The award-winning Candy Shell is a thin hard-shell coating with a rubbery interior liner, bezel, and bottom covers. There is no other slick skin like the Candy Shell. This one piece design offers you the benefits of both a hard shell and rubbery case making it one of the tastiest treats around.  With the Candy Shell you get the choice of eight different flavors, who knows they all might taste good! Read more

Powermat's 2010 Roadmap: Too Early To Crown Them? I Don't Think So!

As promised, we made sure to visit Powermat during CTIA to catch up with our friends during the show and see what they’ve brought to the table. To be perfectly honest, there really wasn’t anything new that impressed. Well, not to us anyway. We already saw their roadmap into the near future at CES back in January. The difference now is that we’ve been given the green light to share the knowledge with our loyal readers! What was taboo to speak of before is now fair game; complete with photos of our private tour!

If you missed our previous article which reviewed the Powermat product, it is essentially the premier wireless charging solution for all your favorite small electronics. Imagine the ability to simply rest your device on a mat and have it begin a charge and notify you when it is done; completely free of wires. This is what Powermat delivers. If you ever felt that Powermat was a one trick pony in the wireless race, boy, are you in for a treat! Read more

Powermat Wireless Charging Solution

Powermat is a company pioneering its way into the future of our wireless charging solutions. They’ve released their product less than one year ago in October of 2009 and the industry has been buzzing ever since. Powermat offers the consumer the option of wirelessly charging up to three of their personal electronic devices simply by dropping them on to a mat; resolving the issue of tangled wires. Its sleek and elegant design, in my opinion, clearly gives it an advantage over competitors such as WildCharge and Duracell’s myGrid.

During CES this past January I was fortunate enough to receive a private tour of Powermat’s current lineup as well as some information on exciting new items to be added in the near future. I’m pleased to say that they have done their homework. They’ve listened to the consumer, to the demand, and to the market; and the direction they are taking their products is one in which I very strongly support. Read more

Speck Offering 25% Off Select Accessories

Speck is thinking about you, as you think about your significant other or being single this Valentines day. Speck is having a Valentines Day Sale with 25% off all pink, purple, and red cases.

This includes  their newly released fitted cases for iPhone 3G/3GS, the Red DustJacket for Kindle 2, the purple and red SeeThru Satin cases for the iPhone 3GS. Also included in this sale are cases for the BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Storm, Kindle 2, MacBook, iPhone 3G/3GS devices, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and iTouch.

If you’re interested or looking for a new bag, you’re also able to pick some Notebook bags at a great discount.

Just enter the code SPEXY at checkout to get your 25% . Make sure you take advantage of this sale as soon as possible as products are limited.

You can visit the sale website via this link.

Speck Shows Off iPhone Protection at CES


Speck arrived in style at CES in Las Vegas.  They had a huge exhibit featuring Dance Dance Revolution and FREE beer to catch your attention.  Speck outdid themselves having many new styles and colors of cases for your iPhone like the CandyShell and SeeThru cases for the iTouch. Speck really stood out with its unique designs.

The iPhone CandyShell is a flexible soft rubber case that is durable with a soft colorful rubberized interior. CandyShell keeps your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS safe from all those little bumps and knocks, while the shiny outer hard shell protects it from scratches. Read more