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Editors Must Have Apps: Poynt for BlackBerry

Poynt is an amazing application for BlackBerry users offered by Multiplied Media Corporation and is a personal favorite of mine. It is the most complete all-in-one local search application I have come across and I strongly encourage all BlackBerry users to have it on their device. Since the public beta release nearly two years ago in June of 2008, Multiplied Media has built upon Poynt’s strong foundation of capabilities offering an incredibly rich and user friendly experience.

Multiplied Media provides not only accuracy in their product, but efficiency. When entering a search based on name or location, the results give the user a comprehensive amount of information from the businesses, restaurants, or movies surrounding them. The results are displayed by proximity ranging from the closest listing to your GPS or cell-site based location. From here, you can expect an array of options from making a reservation, a phone call, purchasing tickets, or even viewing a movie trailer; all within a single application and all with the click of a button. Address book, calendar, and mapping integration offer seamless transitions to your next plan of action. Read more

BOLT Mobile Browser Updates to 1.7

Last week Bitstream Inc. celebrated the one year anniversary of their popular BOLT mobile browser with an update to version 1.7. Originally released for public beta in February of 2009, the company is reportedly very excited with this announcement and is continuing to push forward to lead the industry in hopes of becoming the ideal choice for your mobile web browsing needs.

The obvious goal in mobile web browsing for any developer would be to recreate the desktop web browsing experience. With the advanced capabilities of smartphones, the margin between a mobile experience and a desktop experience is shortening at an exponential rate. This is evidenced by phones such as the iPhone, Droid, and Nexus One; just to name a few. With BOLT, Bitstream Inc. has not only been able to emulate this experience, they have done so while providing compatibility to a wide range of mobile phones aside from smartphones. From very basic handsets to more advanced devices such as the BlackBerry, it is this niche that will set BOLT apart from the competition in the saturated race to being regarded as the best mobile experience. Read more

Google Earth Now Available In Android Market

The popular desktop application that allowed us to feel like CIA operatives scouring the globe with the click of a button and the ability to manipulate satellite images has gone mobile. Google announced Monday that the application is now available for download in the Android Market.

When Google’s much anticipated Nexus One was released in January, it came feature packed and was an instant contender in the growing demand for smartphones. Google Earth was apparently left off of the final check list and was scheduled to become available at a later date; despite being announced during the same time frame. Although Google Earth is now released and available for the Nexus One, many of the Android loyal will still have to wait patiently. Read more

Foursquare Not Just For The Playground

When you think foursquare, what comes to mind? A competitive childhood game played on the playground with a ball, four squares connected together and set of rules on how to play the game?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a kid again or have that childhood competitiveness come out. Foursquare can give you back some of that childhood competitiveness. Foursquare is a game for your mobile device that gives you, your family, and friends a way to compete for Mayorships of places in town and earn badges and bragging rights.

Foursquare allows you play the game right from your mobile device with applications for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, and Palm. If you have another type of device don’t feel totally left out as Foursquare works from your devices web browser or via text messaging. Read more

Wholesale Applications Community Challenges Apple Application Dominance

Yesterday morning it was announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that two dozen of the worlds wireless operators will combined an alliance to compete with Apple who has overtaken the application market with over 150,000 applications.

The Alliance is calling themselves the “Wholesale Applications Community”. Orange, AT&T, and Telefonica are some of the technology platform designers set to deliver applications to all mobile-phone users. Also taking a role in this alliance is Verizon Wireless, China Mobile and Softbank of Japan to create standard, common technology. LG Electronics, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson being large manufacturers have also joined this community.  Read more

BlackBook for BlackBerry 50% Off Until February 15

I love that this sale coincides with Valentine’s day. BlackBook is 50% or $1.99 until February 15. If you have something to hide on your BlackBerry you may want to check it out.

Features include.

  • A completely hidden contact list, only accessible by typing in a custom secret key-combination.
  • Fully editable information fields to keep your contacts up-to-date.
  • User defined filtering for incoming and outgoing: Calls, SMS, PIN, and EMAIL conversations.
  • Customizable Fake Caller-Id names for incoming calls.
  • Import and Export the BlackBook contacts fast, and efficiently.
  • International calling support

Let us know if you purchase a copy. You can read more and purchase BlackBook via this link

Twitter for Blackberry Released In

It has been no secret that BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion has been developing a native Twitter client for their smartphones. Early this morning, Private Beta testing for the client was available by invite only and the LifeOnMyMobile team was fortunate enough to get our hands on one.

I understand that this is merely a beta and the client is still in its early stages, but I’m sad to say that I wasn’t very impressed. My initial feeling when opening it up was that it was simply a cheap port of the Facebook application. As you can see from the screenshots, it’s nearly identical with the exception of their titles in the corner and a few subtle styling cues. It is very likely that this is exactly what RIM was going for to give the user a familiarity factor, as their Facebook application is quite popular, but I’m personally not a fan of it. Despite all this, I continued on past the aesthetics and was able to find details that I personally feel may distinguish RIM’s Twitter for Blackberry from current top picks such as Ubertwitter and Tweet Genius. Whether this is in a good way or bad is entirely based upon user preference. Read more

10 Cool Android Applications


It’s hard trying to find that right application. Here are some apps that you might find useful. This covers playing games, backing up your data and information to customizing your home page the way you want it. The following applications range from free to $4.99.


PowerManagerPower Manager– Extended your battery life and manages the power usage of your phone. Adds NEW settings to the phone like screen timeout during a call and allows you to quickly change other phone settings depending on conditions (e.g. low battery). $0.99





  Read more