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The LOMM Team travels to International CES 2014!

CES 2014
Happy New Year to all of our readers! Starting the New Year means that CES is just around the corner. The Life On My Mobile team will be headed to Las Vegas tomorrow to cover the world’s largest tech convention. We will have boots on the ground starting January 5th to cover CES Unveiled, and then for Press Day on January 6th. The show floor opens at 10am on January 7th and we will be there roaming the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center looking for the newest and greatest advancements in technology.

We will be posting stories as we have time to get them up on the site, but for the quickest news, please follow our twitter accounts where we will be tweeting news and pictures from CES as it happens.

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Pebble announces “Something Special” to unveiled at CES 2014

Pebble SmartwatchSmartwatch maker Pebble has put out a little teaser of “something special” to be announced at CES 2014. There were no hints if it would be some new hardware, or maybe something more elaborate to their new app store. Either way, we will be waiting to hear all about it. For those of you who want to get the news in real time, they will be live streaming the announcement at The event is slated for January 6, 2014 at 11am PT.

Pebble Tease

Lenovo announces four new smartphones just ahead of CES 2014

We are expecting lots of new product announcements from CES 2014, but Lenovo has announced four new smartphones just a few days ahead of CES. The smartphones from Lenovo all run Android, and bear the following model names: Vibe Z, S930, S650, and the A859. All run on Android 4.2 except the Vibe Z, which runs Android 4.3. Screen size also varies between devices, with the smallest at 4.7″ to the largest at a large 6.0″ screen.

All seem like some very good Android devices, but none are currently available for sale in the U.S. Check out the links above to get more details on the devices.

Lenovo will be setting up shop at the AquaKnox Restaurant in the Venetian during CES, and we will be there to check out all of their latest and greatest products. Stay tuned over the next week for updates.

Apple Cutting iPhone Component Orders by 50% – Is The Sky Falling?


If what the Wall Street Journal is reporting is true, Apple is scrambling to remain a leader in the smartphone industry. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has cut component order by as much as 50%. This would be a huge indicator that iOS devices are not selling at the levels Apple expected.

There is no doubt Apple has been hurting in the last six months. Between a horrid Maps experience, a shake-up of executives, a falling stock price and loyal iPhone users looking over the fence at the greener grass on Google’s lawn. Android has defiantly taken a huge bite out of Apple and Apple has been slow to respond to the increased competition. Loyal users will only get you so far when your innovations slow down. You will hold them for a few product cycles but they will eventually move on if you can’t give them a device that outshines all others. Apple has to address the the number one thing said by Android users “Android already does that”.

During CES in Las Vegas last week I asked many diehard iOS users how they felt about the Apple ecosystem in general. The responses shocked me because the users all said the same basic thing that I have struggled with.

It boiled down to:

1. iOS is aging and needs a refresh with state of the art technology we have come to expect from Apple.

2. Apple needs to loosen up the strangle hold on developers and what is allowed in the app store. There should be no need for a jailbreak app store. Imagine a community where developers have much more control of their app. It wont happen but at least imagine it.

3. Investment, the iOS users I spoke to have huge investments like I do in Apple products and want that seamless functionality they have come to expect between Apple products. They also don’t want to have to reinvest in another OS.

4. Hope for iOS 7 and iPhone 6, These will be the devices and OS that either keep people with Apple and attract new users or push the loyal users away.

I am not an analyst looking at figures, graphs, stock prices and polls. I am the guy who talks to users everyday and count some of the most influential people in the smartphone industry as friends. Apple is far from being the next Nokia or RIM but there is no time like the present to take a stand and get things back in order before you start seeing articles that Ubuntu is now the second best selling device behind Android. It could happen.




Nokia Skipping CES 2013

We are now less than three weeks from CES 2013 and all the companies are putting their last minute touches on their presentations, all but one of the big names. Nokia has cancelled their CES appearance and will not be presenting any new devices. Nokia has now decided to focus its attention on another electronic show Mobile World Congress 2013 which is about one month after CES.

We all expected to see Nokia’s new line of Lumina devices this year at CES along with their new Pureview devices. However we will just have to wait until Mobile World Congress and see what surprises Nokia has in store for us. Hopefully the company has some new and exciting things that they are applying the finishing touches to and Nokia will add some new devices and improvements.



Review: Yurbuds IronMan Inspire Pro Earbuds

I dislike earbuds. Before the advent of the “in-ear” variety, when the world was stuck with only iPod earbuds, I literally could not wear them. They didn’t stay in my ear for more than about 10 seconds, and those 10 seconds hurt. Then came along the in-ear headphones with the changeable silicon tips. Instead of trying to sit on your ear, these snuggly fit inside the ear canal itself. This made it so they didn’t fall out, but extended listening periods became painful. Now we have a hybrid of the two which promises to be the most comfortable earbuds you ever wear, and guaranteed not to fall out.

I’d never heard of Yurbuds before, but apparently the company is the #3 headphone vendor in the US. These headphones are designed specifically for athletes, by athletes, and are made of some pretty tough stuff.


The Yay

Comfort: These headphones are comfortable. They were in my ear for the entire 5 and a half hour trip home from CES, and never once did I have to take them out due to being uncomfortable.

Strength: I can’t say specifically what the headphones are made of, but I was told that the gauge of wire used in the headphones, coupled with the sheath material, give them the highest tensile strength of any headphones on the market. This means they will last. I have given them some pretty big yanks, and so far they are going strong with no sign of damage.

Water Resistance: All Yurbuds products are moisture and sweat resistant. This doesn’t mean you can go swimming in them, but it means that sweat and rain are not going to phase them. Read more

The Hub PRIZM Stand Supplies Your Recommended Daily Value of Ninja


There is a new accessory that has gotten my attention and that’s the Hub PRIZM stand. Already earning brownie points for being universal, the PRIZM just looks intense. Made of aircraft aluminum, this stand is made of 2 pieces that slide into each other, making it the smallest stand I have ever seen when packed up. They come in 2 sizes, one universal phone size and 1 universal tablet size. The tablet size is also perfect for holding books open. Although not advertised for it, I’m also pretty sure that they would make adequate self-defense weapons if the need arose.

Both sizes come in a staggering array of color choices. The phone size runs $24.95, and the tablet size runs $29.95. You can take a look at the color options at Hub’s website.

Waterproof Your Phone Without A Case!

How many times have you dropped your phone in water or spilled liquid on it? Those “oh sh!#” moments could be gone forever with Liquipel.

Liquipel is a waterproof coating applied to your device using nano technology. The coating is not visible to the human eye and virtually untraceable. It keeps the same look and feel of your device without compromising the performance. Penetrating your entire device, Liquipel coats all vital components, inside and out, providing you with optimal protection against contact with liquid.

My first thought was does it really work? Yes! We had the privilege of getting hands on with this amazing product at CES 2012. Liquipel was by far one of the most innovative products showcased this year, and even I, the most skeptical of our team, was blown away by how well it worked. We were shown a treated iPhone that still worked after being completely submerged in water. In order to show us even further how well Liquipel did its job, we were shown a treated tissue paper versus an untreated one. The treated one actually repelled the water, with the water simply beading up on it and rolling off, while the untreated version soaked the water up and became a soggy mess.

Currently, Liquipel is only available to select devices. The approved list includes:

  • iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S
  • HTC Evo 4G
  • HTC Evo Shift 4G
  • HTC MyTouch 4G
  • HTC Thunderbolt
  • Motorola Droid X/X2
  • Samsung Charge

Although there is only a limited amount of devices currently able to be treated, Liquipel states that they are diligently working to expand the list of approved devices, so keep checking back with them.

Currently, Liquipel is only available in the U.S., and they are based in Santa Ana, California. If you reside locally, you may bring in your product to their physical location to be treated. If not, you must send in your device to be treated. Treatment times vary between 1-3 days of receiving your device to as little as 2 hours of receiving your device. Return shipping prices vary as well.

Liquipel has several treatment options on their website, from $59.00-$79.00. They are also currently offering free return ground shipping during their grand opening event.

You can get additional information at their website by clicking here or watch a video demonstrations via Liquipel’s YouTube channel here.

Overall, Liquipel seems to be a product that will truly change the way our electronic devices are used, and we are excited to see their approved product list grow in the future. This is definitely one product everyone will want to be have access to.