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Powermat Charges Into 2011

PowerMat stormed into Digital Experience (Pepcom) with a bang with showing off their 2nd line-up of wireless charging solutions. As the first generation seemed like it came and went, it has only been about a year since PowerMat launched and within that year they managed to take the idea of wireless charging to a whole new level.

PowerMat took a whole new approach and made things easier with a slimmer, sleeker and form Read more

Quickly Send Voicemail With THOUGHTS for iPhone

If you are looking for a fast way to send anyone with a smartphone a quick voice message. Be sure to check out the JawBone Thoughts application in the App Store.

THOUGHTS allows you to quickly record a message and either send it to one friend, entire group or simply save the message for yourself. Read more

Speck Shows Off iPhone Protection at CES


Speck arrived in style at CES in Las Vegas.  They had a huge exhibit featuring Dance Dance Revolution and FREE beer to catch your attention.  Speck outdid themselves having many new styles and colors of cases for your iPhone like the CandyShell and SeeThru cases for the iTouch. Speck really stood out with its unique designs.

The iPhone CandyShell is a flexible soft rubber case that is durable with a soft colorful rubberized interior. CandyShell keeps your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS safe from all those little bumps and knocks, while the shiny outer hard shell protects it from scratches. Read more

CES: 2010


Just got back from CES and we have a lot to report. We are taking our time to provide in-depth coverage of all things mobile that was presented at CES and ShowStoppers. Keep an eye out for some great product reviews and giveaways.