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iCloud Control Panel App Available For Windows

iOS 5 has been released today, which means iPhone and iPad users can start taking advantage of the new iCloud service. Apple has also released the iCloud Control Panel app for Windows.

Using the Control Panel, users will be able to have access to their Photo Stream, contacts, calendar bookmarks and email from their desktop.

If you plan on using iCloud and use a Windows computer, download the application and let us know what you think.


Apple Resetting iCloud Data


Apple has posted in their developers area that they will be resetting the data stored in the iCloud backup system on September 22. Also from 9AM PDT through 5PM PDT on the 22nd the iCloud backup system will be unavailable. This is usually a final step before a launch. Anyone familiar with iOS development is familiar with this process. This is the exact same thing that was done prior to Game Center launching.

If you have relied 100% on iCloud during the IOS beta we recommend you backup via iTunes prior to the 22nd. If you are not running the beta iOS 5 you have nothing to worry about.

Official notice from Apple:

On Thursday, September 22, the iCloud Backup data will be reset. Backing up to iCloud or restoring from an iCloud backup will be unavailable from 9 AM PDT – 5 PM PDT. If you attempt a backup or restore during this time, you will receive an alert that the backup or restore was not successful. After this reset, you will be unable to restore from any backup created prior to September 22. A full backup will happen automatically the next time your device backs up to iCloud.


RIM Introduces BBM Music Service

RIM has announced BBM Music which is a cloud-based service that allows for users to download music right to their BlackBerry. For $4.99 a month users can build a personal music profile with up to 50 songs and exchange up to 25 songs a month. RIM has partnered with companies like Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI to bring users quality music on demand. Below you can see a full layout of features BBM Music has to offer.

Keep in mind you are paying to listen to these songs, you don’t own them. To get more than 50 songs you must get your friends to sign up and share their collection with you and hope you don’t have duplicates.

There are much better solutions out there such as Rdio which gives you unlimited access to music for $9.99 a month and does not require a multi-level marketing to your friends to enjoy music. Read more

Spotify Coming Soon To North America

Spotify, a music service that originated in Europe allows users to stream over thirteen million different tracks right to their Smartphone and computer for free. There will also be a premium  version available that will be ad-free, higher quality sound and the ability to store the songs on your device for offline listening.

Lucky for those in North America, Spotify will soon be available. As of now there has been no pricing set for the premium version. Read more

Apple iOS 5 & iCloud Keynote – Video

The Worldwide Developer Conference keynote started and end as expected with no announcement of new hardware. After the keynote I really started to wonder if new hardware was even necessary. The improvements in iOS 5 and the addition of iCloud really build onto the iPhone 4 hardware nicely.

We will be covering iOS 5 and iCloud in a few summary posts. For now you can view the keynote if you missed it this morning and see all the new features in iOS and iCloud via the video link below.

To help just the portions want, we have included the times the products appear in the video below. Read more

Retailers Stop Selling MobileMe Boxed Subscriptions

Apple has pulled the plug on the boxed edition of MobileMe. We know there are still plenty of users out there but Apple has stopped selling it in their stores and through online retailers.We know the reason behind this is iCloud and we await the announcement.

Amazon was able to launch a strong product with their online service that fits nicely with Android devices. Google launched their Music Beta which from all accounts may need to be renamed to Music Alpha for how poorly it operates. We have high hopes that Apple will be releasing a service that allows for not only music storage but life storage.

We should be hearing a lot more the first week of June if not sooner.

OfficeDrop Paper-To-Go For Android Users

This morning a new application was announced for Android devices named OfficeDrop Paper-to-Go. OfficeDrop allows you the ability to take a picture of a document and send it to the OfficeDrop cloud servers. Unlike many other apps on the market this one uses the cloud computing power to run OCR (optical character recognition) on your documents which makes them fully searchable when stored. This allows you to simply search for “Jones Contract” and instantly find your document versus looking through thousands of images. Read more

Google Launches Cloud Music Storage Into Beta

Google made the leap into cloud file storage today with the introduction of Music Beta by Google. We know the name is not as original as it could have been but like anything Google it has to have the beta tag on it for three years before they make it official.

As of now the Music Beta is by invite only and only for people residing in the United States. Google has yet to work out deals with recording labels so the only music you can store is music you already own, which is fine by me. Instead of placing a GB limit on the cloud storage Google will allow you to store 20,000 songs.

Pricing has not been announced yet as the product is still in beta. Sign up link and video after the break.

Read more