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Amazon Cloud Player Gets Update For iOS Devices

Amazon introduced us to Cloud Player back in March and at launch Android users had an application which allowed for them to stream any of their stored music to their device without taking up storage on their smartphone and also storing all of your digital life.

Unfortunately iPhone users did not get an application, but they still had access to this great service via the Safari browser. This solution worked poorly at best and left iPhone users hoping this was not the future of cloud storage. Read more

Dropbox For iPhone Updated – Major Feature Update

Dropbox for iPhone has been updated with just about every feature request I have heard from users. This update brings major changes and a lot of flexibility to the cloud storage solution.

The biggest feature addition is the ability to choose multiple photos and videos for upload to Dropbox. Previously you had to manually upload each file individually into a folder. In addition to this you can now save files directly out of your email to Dropbox. Read more

Leaked Pictures Of Android's Music Application

There have been some leaked images of the developer version of the Android Market featuring Android Music 3.0, which seems to have Google’s rumored “Music Locker” included. With Amazon already playing with cloud storage for streaming music we should be seeing this launch soon.  Read more

Camera Roll Uploader Picbox Updated For Easy Uploads To DropBox – iPhone

One of my favorite iPhone apps Picbox for DropBox has been updated. We introduced you to Picbox about a month ago and talked about the future upgrade that would allow you to choose if  you wanted to upload videos from your camera roll or just pictures. Picbox was updated yesterday with this functionality.

If Picbox is new to you it is a free application that uploads your camera roll to DropBox. Read more

DropBox Beta For Android Updated

If you’re an Android user and use DropBox there is an update to the DropBox Beta application version in preparation for the upcoming release of 1.1. In this recent update you will find that they added additional language support for French, Spanish, German and Japanese. Also the tablet OS 3.0 (honeycomb) is now supported.

  Read more

Android DropBox Sync – Titanium Media Sync

Everyone here is a fan of DropBox and we came across a great utility if you are an Android user. The app is Titanium Media Sync and allows you to choose what folders on your device to sync to DropBox. This is a great feature and is better than the other Android solutions out there that backup all files or certain types such as pictures. The app runs $2.99 and is available in the Android Market.   Read more