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It’s almost time for CES 2016!

CES 2016
Well hello there friends and neighbors. We are days away from the crazy time of year that is CES. A gathering of tech companies and geeks from around the world in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Your staff from Life On My Mobile will be on hand to check out all the latest and greatest in the tech world, and we will pass that information on to you. We may not be the first to get things posted, but it will get done. For quicker updates, please follow our Twitter account at @LifeOnMyMobile.

Cricket Invites T-Mobile Customers To Join Their Network – Video

It appears Cricket has a few words for T-Mobile customers in their latest commercial. Cricket wants everyone to know they are cheaper and you don’t have AT&T looming over your head ready to scoop you up and abandoned everything you know about T-Mobile.

Cricket s offering a signup bonus you don’t find often from a pre-paid carrier; signup, trade in a phone and get a free Android device. While the trade-in does not get you a top of the line phone this may appeal to people wanting to switch over to a pre-paid plan.

Video after the break. Read more

Cricket Launches Music Centric Feature Phone

Music is an important part of life and generations’ have changed and we keep trying to find the easiest way to download music and enjoy it. You have applications that allow you to download music and sync to your device whether it’s an MP3 player, iPod Touch or your smartphone. Downloading music can become pricy if you are a music lover.

We normally don’t report on feature phones but we feel this device has created a nice filler between dumb phone and smartphone. It has a huge market of people who want to be socially acceptable, make phone calls, web browser and enjoy a large library of music. Read more