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Verizon Wireless Talks About 4G LTE

We just had the pleasure of meeting Nicola Palmer, Chief Technology Officer for Verizon Wireless. The press conference we attended was about the the current state and future plans for Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

I will break down some points and post the video later today when Verizon makes it available.

Verizon made the push for LTE 2 years ago with a goal of having the network active in 400 markets by the end of 2012. Right now Verizon LTE covers over 75% of the population. Verizon is going to exceed their original goal on October 18th when a total of 410 markets will be live on LTE, two and a half months prior to their self imposed December 31, 2012 deadline.

In addition to having 410 LTE markets live on October 18th, Verizon stated they are committed to entirely covering their existing 3G footprint with LTE by the end of 2013. While this sounds like a long time Verizon has been aggressively rolling out the network at a rate faster than any other carrier.

At the end of September 2012, 35% of all data traffic handled by Verizon Wireless was on its LTE network. They expect 50% of network traffic to be carried on the LTE network in just a few more months. This goes a long way in showing Verizon’s dedication to LTE and the 37 current devices they offer that support LTE. It took 8 years for Verizon to get 3G to the 50% adoption rate, LTE only took 2 years.

Like every mobile network you can’t rest when a technology is “fully” deployed. Verizon has already begun testing voice over LTE which will provide a high definition voice experience. In addition deployment and testing of LTE Advanced has begun and should start rolling out to towers in the 700 MHz spectrum mid to late 2013.

What does all this mean to a Verizon Wireless customer or potential customer? It means Verizon has a solid foundation for their network and is already getting a jump on competition by deploying the best as fast as possible. Data speeds and communication reliability have always been the focus of Verizon and they have proven they can deliver with the LTE network. The 6 billion dollars spent on Verizon’s network infrastructure annually, is money well invested.

Not only can Verizon claim to have the nations largest 4G LTE network, they can also easily claim the worlds largest 4G LTE network. We will have more info on the network and their 400th market celebration leading up to October 18.

Are you a Verizon LTE customer? What do you think of the network?

AT&T Introduces its First LTE and HSPA+ LaptopConnect Devices

At CTIA last week AT&T introduced their first LTE and HSPA+ USB devices for mobile broadband. In addition to this AT&T will be offering a pre-paid data plan which is detailed at the bottom of this article. The pre-paid data plans are very overpriced with all the other options available. Read more

OtterBox Commuter For iPhone 4

OtterBox makes great cases for many devices and I caught up with them at CTIA and tried a Commuter Series case for the iPhone 4.

The Commuter for iPhone 4 offers three levels of protection. It starts with a screen protector to help keep your screen as nice as the day you first purchased your device. This protection is followed by a silicone cover that wraps the sides and back of your iPhone. The final layer is a hard polycarbonate shell that fully encases the silicone skin and also provides protection if you were to drop the iPhone face down. Read more

Energizer Backup Battery Solution

Looking for a backup battery solution for your mobile device that uses a micro or mini USB connection? Energizer has released a very small backup battery solution that easily fits on your key ring  and provides the power you need when you need it.

Read more

Powermat's 2010 Roadmap: Too Early To Crown Them? I Don't Think So!

As promised, we made sure to visit Powermat during CTIA to catch up with our friends during the show and see what they’ve brought to the table. To be perfectly honest, there really wasn’t anything new that impressed. Well, not to us anyway. We already saw their roadmap into the near future at CES back in January. The difference now is that we’ve been given the green light to share the knowledge with our loyal readers! What was taboo to speak of before is now fair game; complete with photos of our private tour!

If you missed our previous article which reviewed the Powermat product, it is essentially the premier wireless charging solution for all your favorite small electronics. Imagine the ability to simply rest your device on a mat and have it begin a charge and notify you when it is done; completely free of wires. This is what Powermat delivers. If you ever felt that Powermat was a one trick pony in the wireless race, boy, are you in for a treat! Read more

Samsung Galaxy S To Make A Splash This Summer

Ask any attendee of CTIA 2010 who made the biggest announcement during the event and they’d be hard pressed to choose between Samsung and Sprint’s presence during the show. Both made some huge announcements and showed off industry standard setting devices. The entire show seemed to focus on mobile broadband and Sprint did well in announcing their HTC EVO 4G, but Samsung very much held their own unveiling its latest smartphone device; the Galaxy S.

During Samsung’s exclusive Unpacked event the Life On My Mobile team got to experience the incredible features of the Galaxy S and received a very practical and real-life demonstration on how the device can truly simplify your daily ventures. It was impressive to say the least. Read more

Sprint Announces HTC EVO


The CTIA show in Las Vegas this year was a big hit. Many companies went all out to show off their new products to the world. One of those companies pulling out all of the stops was Sprint.

Sprint filled a small room with invited media and our team was able to be there in the front row as Dan Hesse, the CEO of Sprint announced their newest smartphone which also is a 4G device. With a flick of his wrist Mr Hesse lifted the black sheet covering the  HTC EVO. Sharing the spotlight with Mr. Hesse was the CEO of HTC Peter Chou. (both pictured above)

Sprint put a lot of time and effort into this event as they didn’t just announce the device they also let us play with it.  We also enjoyed a live demo of the HTC EVO by Senior Vice President of Product and Technology Development Kevin Packingham and the Vice President of Product and Technology Development Fared Adib. During this demonstration we were able to witness many features the HTC EVO will sport such as high quality video streaming of HD YouTube videos, pinch-to-zoom display, a 4.3 inch high resolution screen, Google Goggles, and the amazing 4G speeds. Read more

CTIA 2010: Day 2 Kicks Off

The Life On My Mobile team arrived here in Las Vegas late last Sunday evening to prepare for CTIA this week and it has been non-stop ever since. Back to back meetings keeping us busy which means fresh exciting news of the wireless industry will be hitting our loyal readers soon!

Monday we had our hands tied with registration and some private meetings before the show officially kicked off yesterday. We are excited to get going on day two after many promising meetings and events with the likes of TeleNav, Powermat, Sprint, and Samsung. Keep it posted here for the onslaught of news we plan to roll out to you.