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Scout For iPhone Updated – Optimized For iPhone 5

Scout iPhone

TeleNav the makers of Scout continue to impress with their free navigation app Scout for iPhone. Scout has received an update that includes a revamped user interface, bringing a redesigned dashboard, a larger “Where I Am?” map and a button to take you directly to your recent activity.

Also included in this update is the “Things To Do” section, which can be found in the more tab. Things To Do gives you listings for events around your current area. This includes Live Music, Museums and Theater Events. You’re even able to look ahead and see what’s coming up in the near future.

You can take a look at the new optimized Scout for iPhone 5 in video below.

CES 2013: Ford and Glympse Partner Using SYNC AppLink

20130106-214012.jpgFord and Glympse have announced the first in-car, voice-activated location sharing app for Ford vehicles with SYNC AppLink. Now, by just using simple voice commands, drivers can share their location with others by saying “Send Glympse”.

This feature is helpful to let friends and family know where you are without having to get distracted and make a phone call or send a text.

To use Glympse, drivers just need to have the app installed on their smartphone, and have it connected via bluetooth or USB connection. Once the driver chooses to “Send Glympse”, it will send their location to a friends email, mobile number, FaceBook, or Twitter. The recipients can then monitor that person via real time on either a smartphone or desktop computer.

Glympse is available on iPhone and Android, and is now compatible with Ford SYNC AppLink vehicles.

Scout Adds Free Voice-Guided Navigation

If you still haven’t found an alternate to Apple Maps, you might want to check out Scout by TeleNav. Starting today the free version for iPhone users has voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation for both driving and walking directions. Previously this required a paid subscription.

The free version of Scout also includes 12 new car icons to choose from including a convertible, motorcycle, SUV, minivan, muscle car and sports car.

Other features include:

  • My Dashboard: Personalized commute times to work and to home from you current location.
  • My Places: Users can save and share the places they love for easy access at any time.
  • My Search: Find it faster as Scout learns friends, favorites and recent places.
  • Traffic: Real-time traffic information.
  • Speech recognition: Speak commands like “Find a nearby Starbucks” or “Go Home”

You can download the free version by following this link .


TeleNav Acquires ThinkNear And Introduces Scout Advertising

TeleNav has acquired ThinkNear a privately held hyper-local mobile advertising company based in Los Angeles. With TeleNav’s Drive-To Advertising and ThinkNear together it will combine for a solution to create a new mobile local advertising platform called Scout Advertising.

“We are extremely excited to combine ThinkNear’s technology and expertise with our own to provide an even more comprehensive solution for advertisers to reach and drive more customers,” stated Paczuski. “This is a platform built from the ground up to leverage the mobile experience. We will help advertisers reach the right people while deploying the right mobile measurement tools. We expect this to change the game for advertisers. We are 100 percent focused on providing them with a clear and remarkable ROI on their mobile advertising spend. The proof will be the increase in customers driving to their front door.”

ThinkNear’s technology helps advertisers reach consumers within 100 meters of any location, which is more actuate than a zip code and designed market area (DMA) that is normally offered by most ad networks. ThinkNear also enables Situational Targeting, meaning it takes into account where you as a consumer, what you’re doing and what is happening around you.

Scout Advertising also combines with Scout GPS navigation service to give consumers directions to the advertiser’s retail location.

This technology will enable much more targeted advertising. Imagine using Scout to drive to Olive Garden for dinner. There is a Starbucks in the same shopping center and they send you a special deal to come enjoy coffee after dinner. This is really taking mobile advertising to the next level.


iOS 6 Maps Have You Lost? Get Scout By TeleNav Free

If you are like most iPhone users who have upgraded to iOS 6, you don’t like the built in maps/navigation application. The Internet has been alive with people discussing the major issues in the software. From missing roads, lack of good point of interest data, duplicate locations, etc. Don’t worry if you need to find an Apple retail location, as those are all easily available in the built in map application.

My favorite navigation company TeleNav is offering their Scout GPS turn-by-turn navigation application free for a year for iPhone users. What’s the catch? There isn’t one.

Take the time right now to go download it from the Apple App Store. If you are on your iOS device right now just click this link.

Here is a little about the Scout application:

  • 3D turn-by-turn navigation with voice
  • Automatic rerouting if you miss a turn or take a detour
  • Offline navigation for when you drive out of cell coverage
  • Speech recognition
  • Lane Assist, which helps you figure out what lane you should be in
  • Speed Traps & Red Light Camera Alerts
  • Search for the cheapest gas near you


Go give the application a try you will not be disappointed.




TeleNav Launches Scout For Android

Today TeleNav has launched Scout for Android, a free GPS Navigation app that gives you more then simple directions. With Scout, users can customize their trip with information on where to go, when to leave, how to get there and what to do when arriving.

“Scout is designed for people on the go. Whether you’re a commuter looking to avoid traffic or a foodie driving around town looking for the best new restaurant, Scout is designed to make it easy to discover and drive every day,” said Dariusz Paczuski, vice president of products at Telenav.

Other features include:

  • Voice and on-screen turn-by-turn GPS Navigation
  • Local Search
  • Traffic Information
  • Speech Recognition
  • Automatic Rerouting

For $24.99 a year users can sign-up for a premium version that includes speed traps, traffic camera information, lane assist and access to Car Connect. If you don’t want to commit to a year you can pay month to month for $4.99.

Car Connect was also announced today and is a feature in Ford vehicles through SYNC AppLink. It provides users with hands-free, voice-activated access to directions, local search, gas prices and more.

“The addition of Scout for AppLink makes SYNC even more valuable to drivers by adding personalized, connected navigation services in more Ford vehicles – and makes it easy for them to connect the phone to the car,” continued Paczuski.

TeleNav Announces Scout For Apps – Android And Windows Edition

Today TeleNav launched their free HTML5, browser-based, voice-guided GPS navigation for Android and Windows Phones to developers.

“No other service will allow developers to provide GPS navigation within their own app. This is a major difference between Scout for Apps and any other GPS navigation service on iOS, Android or Windows Phone”, said Shannph Wong, chief architect at Telenav.

With Scout for Apps developers have an easy way to offer their consumers free, voice-guided, turn by turn, GPS navigation right from their application or website. Developers are even able to embed within their own mobile application, which allows for them to keep their users within their own branded app throughout the session.

“Most websites include a long laundry list of written driving directions or picture of a map that are static and hard to use,”continued Wong. “With our Scout Drive Button, businesses can offer a sophisticated and reliable experience to their patrons. This is a technology that will change the way businesses share driving directions and help their customers before they even arrive at their store.”

TeleNav has also launched the first website widget that anyone can add to their website that provides visitors the ability to instantly launch voice-guided, turn by turn, GPS navigation with the Scout Drive Button. Mobile users can simply click the button right from their phone to get navigation. The Scout Drive button is free for website owners and users; it’s also easy to add as not coding skills are required.

Scout by TeleNav adds Offline Maps and Voice Commands for iPhone

Scout by TeleNav

Scout by TeleNav was just updated to add some great new features for iPhone users. The ability to download maps for offline use has been added, as well as voice commands.

We all have been subject to spotty cell coverage at some point, regardless of what carrier we use, but now users of Scout Plus can download and store regional maps on their iPhone for use when you go out of a data coverage area. Scout Plus is available for just $9.99/year which in my opinion is a steal for a voice guided GPS application.

Voice Commands is available for all users of Scout, and was added to help make using the app safer for the driver. You can now keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel and just ask Scout to “Find Starbucks” or whatever else you need. Check out this video below to see what all Scout has to offer, and if you want to give it a try, it is available in the Apple App Store for download.

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