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Waze – Free Turn by Turn Navigation With A Twist

Waze is changing the way you interact with navigation and brings some social networking to the trip. Not only does Waze offer turn by turn navigation for free but it is available on all the major operating systems. BlackBerry, iOS (iPhone), Android and Windows Mobile.

Waze is a social mobile application that gives you real time info from other drivers who automatically provide data back to the Waze servers without having to anything except have the application running. Read more

AT&T Navigator for iOS Gets Updated

The update we have been waiting for from TeleNav has arrived.

New Features Include: 

  • Full multitasking support to keep navigator running the background
  • Deals and coupons delivered with search results.
  • Addition of 5 Million business listings
  • Retina Support
  • Faster loading of data

If you are looking for a navigation solution for your smartphone be sure to checkout

TeleNav to Offer Sponsored Search Results

As Location Based Service (LBS) providers try to engage their users more and more TeleNav has started to push Sponsored Search Results. I know your first though; “I pay for their navigation service why do I want ads?”

The answer is simple. TeleNav is actually providing you with more information to help you make decisions and in some cases save you a few bucks. These sponsored search results only appear when you search for a business or point of interest. I have many times used TeleNav to find a local restaurant while traveling. Read more

OnMyWay Released For BlackBerry


OnMyWay was released a few weeks ago and we decided to wait until it was available on more carriers and devices to post about it.

OnMyWay is an easy-to-use free app that automatically notifies a person (or a group of people) of the your trip’s status and estimated time of arrival (ETA) via text or email. This is done without sharing any information about your whereabouts.

You simply enter in the location you are traveling to, the information of the person(s) to be notified and an appointment time. OnMyWay takes over from there providing an estimated arrival time and keeping your contact notified. Read more

Launch of Rogers Navigator on iPhone powered by TeleNav

The best navigation program on the market just made its debut on the Rogers iPhone. I am still waiting for confirmation if there is a dedicated “Navigate to Tim Horton’s” Button.  Below is the information provided by TeleNav.

Rogers Wireless today launched Rogers Navigator, powered by TeleNav, on the Apple App Store. Rogers Navigator transforms the iPhone into a full-featured GPS navigation device, so customers can easily navigate to restaurants and local businesses, avoid traffic congestion and travel with confidence. Rogers Navigator for the iPhone includes on-screen and spoken turn-by-turn GPS directions, speech recognition, more than 12 million business listings in North America, an online preplanning site, and Shake-to-Go™, a feature that provides guidance to a pre-entered home address instantly with a simple shake of their iPhone. Available as a free download from the Apple App Store, Rogers Navigator includes unlimited use for $4.99 per month. Read more

TeleNav Announces Navigator 6.0

Early Monday morning on the eve of CTIA 2010, arguably the world’s largest wireless convention, TeleNav announced the release of their GPS Navigator 6.0 on their website. It has been a patient process as TeleNav was highly focused on addressing the most important concerns of their 14+ million users, but it’s finally here. Read more