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Apple Gearing Up For iPhone 5S And Potential Cheaper Model


Apple is looking to start production on the next iPhone in the second quarter, with a potential summer launch. This is according to The Wall Street Journal the next iPhone will be similar in size and shape of the current iPhone which has been a common trait of S branded devices.

It’s also been reported that Apple is working with manufacturing partners in Asia to deliver a less expensive iPhone. The cheaper version is said to have a 4 inch display and come in a variety of colors that have a different shell from the current iPhone. The less expensive iPhone could launch sometime this year, potentially when the iPhone 5S arrives.

The feature bumps in the 5S will most likely follow what we have seen in the past. This should include a better camera, a small increase in processing power and maybe additional RAM. We should also be hearing about iOS 7 very soon.

iPhone 5S Could Arrive In August


When it comes to Apple releasing new devices the company is usually on point with sticking to their production cycle. According to rumors Apple is looking to release the iPhone 5S this summer, in the August time frame.

With the iPhone 5S it’s said to have the same design as the iPhone 5, but with a better processor and improved camera. That isn’t shocking considering Apple’s history of S devices.

There is also talk about an April launch for the next generation iPads. There hasn’t been much talk about either the iPad 5 or iPad Mini 2, other than back panel leaks.


Samsung Galaxy S IV To Have Eye Scrolling Capabilities


It’s been reported by The New York Times that the Samsung Galaxy S IV will come with eye scrolling. This feature was tipped off by someone who had the chance of trying out Samsung’s new flagship handset were he described the feature as new and exciting.

The phone is able to track your eyes and determine where or when to scroll. It’s exactly like it sounds, if you’re reading an article and reach the bottom of page the software will automatically scroll down for more text.

Now if I can tap on links by blinking I am sold. We will find out if this feature truly is incorporated on March 14th.

Huawei And LG Firefox Handsets Spotted At MWC

LG Firefox

Alcatel and ZTE have already announced their Firefox OS handsets and we know LG and Huawei are two of the other manufactures that are also working with Mozilla. While they haven’t made any official announcements images of the devices have surfaced.

CNET was able to get some images of what appears to be both Huawei and LG’s handsets on Firefox OS. Now it’s not official if those are the devices, but the tip is that the handsets are in a case full of Firefox phones.

Huawei Firefox

We will keep you up dated as more develops.

Image Of Apple’s A7 Processor Leaked

Apple A7 Processor

We know Apple is always working on multiple new devices. Right now, it is most likely the iPhone 5S if they follow their normal release cycle. With rumors running crazy about the next iPhone we are of course now seeing “leaked” images. Above is a leaked picture of what’s said to be the iPhone’s new A7 processor.

I the image you can see the motherboard of the next iPhone and it does seem similar to the current iPhone 5 in size. You can see that in the image below provided by

iFixit iPhone 5 Motherboard

Rumored specifications on the iPhone 5S:

  • 4-inch display
  • A7 quad-core CPU (clocked at 1.2 GHz)
  • PowerVR SGX554MP4 CPU (same as iPad 4)
  • iOS 7
  • 2 GB of RAM

Just like any other rumor or leaked picture that surface; we’ll have to wait to see if the information stands correct. Until then you have what’s said to be Apple’s A7 processor to hold you over.


Ubuntu Tablet To Possibly Make A Debut At HTC Event Tomorrow


Ubuntu is a company that is gearing up to release their very own smartphone OS come October. They’re even set for a developer preview of the OS in three days. The only piece of the puzzle that was missing was a tablet. According to Ubuntu’s homepage, they also have a tablet in store for us tomorrow.

If you head to Ubuntu’s web page you will see: Tick, tock, tablet time! with a timer counting down from hours until their announcement tomorrow.

Now, also tomorrow is HTC’s event with CEO, Peter Chou in New York City. I don’t know about you, but both companies with the same countdown heading into tomorrow raises a flag. We know Ubuntu is currently able to run on the Galaxy Nexus 4, but no device manufactures for the OS were given.

HTC Instagram

HTC has also posted on their Instagram account, a picture of what appears to be smartphones and tablets covered. Could one of those be an HTC tablet running Ubuntu? Does this mean HTC could be the first official company to run Ubuntu?

Check back tomorrow morning, starting at 10AM EST to find out.


Possible Samsung Smartwatch Surfaces

Samsung Smartwatch 3

Some screenshots of the Samsung Galaxy Altius have surfaced. The Galaxy Altius is said to be Samsung’s version of a smartwatch. The original post is in Korean but we were still able to make out some details. In all the screenshots you will see SKT in left upper corner meaning it will be able to be carried on a wireless carriers data plan.

Samsung Smartwatch 2

Upper right hand corner:

  • AltiusOS beta2
  • 1.7% / 236 MB
  • Samsung-GA7
  • Code Altius

The Galaxy Altius appears to be running it’s own OS (Operating System), this could mean one of two things. It’s running software designed for the smartwatch itself or it could be a highly customized version of Android device.

Samsung Smartwatch

You will also notice in another image that there is a music note with “Ring Soul” and a box with the play symbol indicating a music player. There is also the number 2 with an envelope next to it that could stand for text messages or emails.

It should be interesting to see how the overall project comes out. We are starting to see a large number of smartwatches, hit the market and now is the time if Samsung wants to join the madness.



HTC One Release Information


Another day brings more HTC One launch information. The latest is from CNET. They are reporting the device is going to be available on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint for $199 for the 32GB model and $299 for the 64GB version. This is the device we are expecting to see announced on February 19. If these dates hold true it is going to be a busy week for T-Mobile already slated to launch both the iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Z10 that week.

Rumored specs are still holding at a 4.7″ 1080p HD display, 1.7GHz quad-core processor, infrared port, and stereo speakers. You can see our other HTC One coverage via this link.