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T-Mobile Set To Release HTC HD2 This Month

The world of smartphones has undoubtedly evolved over the past three years. With the introduction of Apple’s iPhone, the bar was brought to new heights. It challenged competitors to engineer a device of function and performance while also offering elegance in its design. I mean, how often has a new smartphone been dubbed as the “iPhone Killer”?

Well the latest addition to possibly claim this title will come from HTC in just a few short weeks as their highly anticipated launch of the HD2 is expected to hit T-Mobile stores on March 24th. T-Mobile has continued to market this phone as “a larger than life entertainment powerhouse” and have set its expectations very high for the success of this handset. Read more

iPhone & AT&T Named #1 Combination

Here’s some food for thought. AT&T has prided themselves in having the best coverage in the US, leaving their competitors in the dust. After the bashing by Verizon Wireless with their “Map For That” commercials it just might be AT&T laughing in the end.

PC Magazine conducted tests in 13 cities from 20 stationary outdoor locations in each city that represented the largest user base. These cities included Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, New York City, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle.  The test was all about data and not voice usage or quality. Read more

Nexus One


Google was the talk of the mobile technology industry today. If you Google, Google today you will be flooded with stories on the Nexus One. Google released the much anticipated Nexus One; which is a Google designed Android based smartphone.

Google could not have picked a better week to release its new venture into the smartphone market. The start of a new year and the International Consumer Electronics Show being hosted in Las Vegas amount to a perfect time to roll out the Nexus One. Read more