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Pebble announces “Something Special” to unveiled at CES 2014

Pebble SmartwatchSmartwatch maker Pebble has put out a little teaser of “something special” to be announced at CES 2014. There were no hints if it would be some new hardware, or maybe something more elaborate to their new app store. Either way, we will be waiting to hear all about it. For those of you who want to get the news in real time, they will be live streaming the announcement at The event is slated for January 6, 2014 at 11am PT.

Pebble Tease

Google Play Store Reaches 700,000 Apps

Google has been trailing behind Apple in their application market, but now Google has closed the rather significant gap between the two. The Google Play Store has reached 700,000 applications available across all Android devices.

Last week at Apple’s iPad Mini event they announced that they have 700,000 applications available for download in the App Store, and less than a week later Google announced that they have reached the same amount of applications in the Google Play Store.

While the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store may have the same amount of applications avaliable for download, Apple still leads the pack with over 35 billion downloads and Apple has a much tougher approval process.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Arriving At T-Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 will be making a home at T-Mobile as the company has announced the Android powered tablet is set to arrive in the coming weeks. It is rumored to hit T-Mobile on November 7th. We await T-Mobile’s official statement on release on pricing.


  • 10.1 inch WXGA (1280 x 800 PLS TFT) display
  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • T-Mobile’s 4G (HSPA+ 42)
  • 1.5 GHz dual-core processor
  • 3 megapixel rear camera
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 16/ 32 GB of internal memory
  • 7,000 mAh battery


T-Mobile Attempts To Steal AT&T iPhone Customers

By now every T-Mobile customer has given up hope that T-Mobile will ever receive the Apple iPhone. A recent memo sent from T-Mobile to its sales staff reveals that T-Mobile will not be a carrier for Apple’s new iPhone.

Included in the memo sent to the T-Mobile sales staff was instructions to begin selling against Apple’s iPhone beginning September 21st (which is also the rumored date of the new iPhone launch).

T-Mobile plans to show this flyer as an advertisement to sway users to switch to T-Mobile while keeping their iPhone and saving a boatload of cash. T-Mobile is promising their customers who use their unlocked iPhone on their network a huge savings of around $1,500 in their 2-year contract. For $74.99 a month users get unlimited data, text, anytime minutes and a mobile hotspot.

Now for the downside, T-Mobile’s current network will not support 3G speeds on the iPhone leaving you on EDGE 2.5G. T-Mobile is slowly tweaking towers to support current iPhones on their 3G network. They showed this change off at an Apple event in San Francisco recently but we have not heard any firm plans from T-Mobile on rolling out these changes.

If you have an iPhone 4 or 4s and you’re planning on taking T-Mobile up on this great deal, they have made this process easier by offering a MicroSIM kit.



Samsung To Make Major Galaxy Announcement

Samsung has sent out invites to a major Galaxy announcement on August 15th. With the Galaxy S III just being released it would be highly doubtful that they would make a competing device announcement.

We are expecting an upgrade to the Galaxy Note or Tab. We will keep you updated.



T-Mobile Is Having A Valentine’s Day Sale – Today Only


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you’re looking for a last minute gift why not surprise that special someone with a new smartphone or tablet for FREE! Today only, T-Mobile is having their “Valentine’s Day Sale” that will give customers the chance to get their hands on T-Mobile’s latest 4G smartphones and selected tablets at no cost.

T-Mobile has a commitment to make the 4G experience affordable and accessible to everyone, so this sweet deal on smartphones and tablets is our Valentine’s gift to consumers,” said John Clelland, senior vice president of marketing, T-Mobile USA. “No matter where loved ones live, T-Mobile wants to bring them closer with unlimited talking, photo sharing, video chatting, texting, and more.”

Keep in mind when taking T-Mobile up on their Valentine’s Day deal that you will have to pay for the device then get your money back via a mail in rebate card.

Below is the list of smartphones and tablets offered as well as examples of two year Classic Plans and Unlimited Value Plans.

CES Unveiled And Startup Debut Pre-Shows Before CES

CES officially starts today and before the fun begans CES Unveiled took place Sunday, January 8th in Las Vegas at the Venetian. CES Unveiled was a pre-show media event that allowed us to take a look at the new products that are being introduced throughout 2012. There were 73 companies that made an appearance and among them were companies like Speck, Line 2, Belkin, LG, Samsung, and Case-Mate. Full list of the companies that showed up can be seen below.

Ending the night was the Startup Debut event that took place at the Mandalay Bay on the 64th floor, which was a much smaller event that only had about 20 exhibitors showcasing their products. Companies that attended the Startup Debut event are:

  • DocBeat
  • Evertune
  • Frequency
  • HipGeo
  • InsureMonkey
  • Liquipel
  • Multi Touch
  • PlayScreen
  • SnapCuts
  • Swag of the Month
  • TravelDNA
  • TourWrist
  • UberFun
  • Walls360
  • WeVideo
  • Wemo Media
  • Worlize
  • WOWee One

Stay tuned as CES pushes into high gear. We will be bringing you breaking news with in depth follow up and the close of the show.

Your Mobile Life, 60 Seconds at a Time


Mobclix has put out a unique infographic regarding mobile phone use throughout the world. According to the graph, for every minute that goes by, over 200,000 minutes of Angry Birds are played, 80 Copies of Fruit Ninja are sold, 77.2k iOS devices connect to WiFi vs 51.9k Android, over 400,000 ad requests are made, and just one in 100 of them is tapped, 22k apps are downloaded from the App Store, etc etc… Sort of puts everything in perspective, right? Luckily there isn’t an “X people are stalking other people on Facebook” chart. I think that might scare people a bit.

via [MobClix]