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HTC Set To Deliver Windows Phone 7

February brought the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and HTC announced their plans to bring us Microsoft’s next generation of Windows based phones.  As predicted HTC announced that they will be launching their Windows 7 series phones into the smartphone market next month. HTC says “The revolutionary new software offers a fresh approach to smartphones by bring web context and applications together to create a phone experience that is very personal, relevant and connected.”

HTC Windows 7phones appear to be good media device and building upon what Microsoft has learned in the past. Microsoft is bringing XBOX live games, Zune music, and a very rich media experience to consumers. Read more

Ventev Offers Portable Backup Power for Your Wireless Devices

In today’s world of superfast smartphones with large bright displays a common issue we run into (or run out of) is battery life. I had the opportunity to meet with representatives from Ventev and they showed me a wonderful portable power solution for people on the go.

They introduced me to the Ventev PowerCELL. This small battery pack gives power user more than enough extra battery life to finish out the day or a very long flight.

At first I wondered if I would ever use the demo device Ventev gave me. I was very shocked to find myself grabbing it all the time.  It was just so convenient and portable. I would look at my battery status before heading out and determine if I was going to need to use the PowerCELL. No more lugging around A/C adapters or having a useless smartphone with a dead battery.

I was very impressed with the charging ability of the PowerCELL. It features a 1700 mAH battery which was able to fully charge my iPhone from 20% while being heavily used.

I was fully impressed with this device over the competition due to its power, very small form factor and flexibility in charging a large array of devices that can charge via USB. Read more

T-Mobile To Offer Any Phone Free on June 19

We heard this rumor last week and I stopped by my local T-Mobile store to inquire and the rep told me “We don’t know why yet, but we have to open two hours early on June 19”

Today T-Mobile issued an official press release acknowledging all devices free on June 19  and stores opening early across the country. If you need a phone I would wait until Saturday.

This is available for anyone switching to a family plan or activating a new line. There is no mention on people who qualify for upgrades but I would defiantly go in and plead your case on Saturday as mobile providers really need to offer current customers a thank you every now and then. Read more

T-Mobile Set To Release HTC HD2 This Month

The world of smartphones has undoubtedly evolved over the past three years. With the introduction of Apple’s iPhone, the bar was brought to new heights. It challenged competitors to engineer a device of function and performance while also offering elegance in its design. I mean, how often has a new smartphone been dubbed as the “iPhone Killer”?

Well the latest addition to possibly claim this title will come from HTC in just a few short weeks as their highly anticipated launch of the HD2 is expected to hit T-Mobile stores on March 24th. T-Mobile has continued to market this phone as “a larger than life entertainment powerhouse” and have set its expectations very high for the success of this handset. Read more

BOLT Mobile Browser Updates to 1.7

Last week Bitstream Inc. celebrated the one year anniversary of their popular BOLT mobile browser with an update to version 1.7. Originally released for public beta in February of 2009, the company is reportedly very excited with this announcement and is continuing to push forward to lead the industry in hopes of becoming the ideal choice for your mobile web browsing needs.

The obvious goal in mobile web browsing for any developer would be to recreate the desktop web browsing experience. With the advanced capabilities of smartphones, the margin between a mobile experience and a desktop experience is shortening at an exponential rate. This is evidenced by phones such as the iPhone, Droid, and Nexus One; just to name a few. With BOLT, Bitstream Inc. has not only been able to emulate this experience, they have done so while providing compatibility to a wide range of mobile phones aside from smartphones. From very basic handsets to more advanced devices such as the BlackBerry, it is this niche that will set BOLT apart from the competition in the saturated race to being regarded as the best mobile experience. Read more